Miranda Alfonso-Williams


WAM Management Consulting Group

Principal Consultant

Miranda Alfonso-Williams, HCISSP, CISM, CIPM, CIPT, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, --is a Data Privacy and Cyber Security Specialist. She is currently the Principal Consultant for the WAM Consulting Group. Miranda helps her clients develop Cyber Security, Privacy programs and customized solutions. She also provides training, virtual consulting and auditing. She is board certified in IT Security, Privacy and holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Miranda has over twenty years of experience working in Healthcare including the following with the following companies: GE Healthcare, Amersham Health, Nycomed and Sterling Drug. She has specialized in developing global programs and working with cross-functional team.

How To Reach Miranda
malfonsowilliams@wam-consulting-group.com, 609-799-7352or 855-926-4768


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