Luk Arbuckle


Privacy Analytics

Chief Methodologist

Luk Arbuckle is Chief Methodologist at Privacy Analytics, providing strategic leadership in how to responsibly use and share data, and innovation into privacy-enhancing technologies and methods. He draws from an extensive background in statistics, mathematics, and engineering, as well as industry and regulatory experience. He engages senior decision makers in solving real-world problems in business and privacy engineering.

Luk was previously Director of Technology Analysis at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, leading a highly skilled team that conducted privacy research and assisted in investigations when there was a technology component involved. Before joining the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, he developed deidentification methods and re-identification risk measurement tools, participated in the development and evaluation of secure computation protocols, and led a topnotch research and consulting team that developed and delivered data anonymization solutions.

He is coauthor of the book Building an Anonymization Pipeline (O'Reilly 2020), and Anonymizing Health Data (O’Reilly 2013), as well as numerous papers, guidance documents, and patents. Previously Luk did graduate and industry research in the area of digital image processing and analysis, and in the area of applied statistics. He has been awarded numerous scholarships and bursaries, including a Canada Graduate Scholarship doctoral award.


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