Jennifer Baker


EU Policy Reporter

Jennifer Baker has been a journalist in print, radio and television for more than 18 years. She has worked across a wide range of sectors, from editing a national daily paper in Malta, to television reporting on EU affairs for the Middle East. She has a wealth of experience in writing about technology policy, business management and EU telecoms, and specialises in identifying the link between industry and policy.

After more than five years as an EU correspondent, Baker began presenting and moderating conferences such as the EU Digital Agenda Assembly for the European Commission as well as other high-profile events for organisations including GSMA, Huawei and APCO. She is currently the EU Correspondent for The Register, after four years with the International Data Group (MacWorld, PCWorld, TechHive, etc), and occasional freelance work for for The Next Web, Eureka and IAPP. She covers all aspects of policy relating to IT, from trade agreements for tech products to antitrust cases and internet privacy issues.

Baker is also the senior presenter on interviewing politicians, lobbyists and technical experts on all aspects of EU policy. She also contributes opinion pieces and analysis columns to various other media and has just finished editing Next Europe, a book on the future of the EU.


Contributions by Jennifer Baker