Michelle Frasher


Frasher Risk Advisory LLC

Founder & CEO

Dr. Michelle Frasher holds expertise in financial regulation and data, especially as it pertains to the intersection of anti-money laundering (AML)/countering the finance of terrorism (CFT) and data protection and privacy (DPP). She has built open-source content for AML/CFT compliance databases and developed subject access rights programs for that data. She regularly engages with government leaders, financial institutions, and regulators on fit for purpose data use for anti-financial crime compliance across public and private spheres.


In 2014, she was a Fulbright-Schuman Scholar to Malta and Belgium examining the politics, law, and practice of data flows for transatlantic CFT operations. In 2016, she published the first study of US-EU AML/CFT and DPP risks to multinational banking institutions with the support of the SWIFT Institute. A frequent speaker at professional conferences, her AML/CFT/DPP research appeared in scholarly and business forums. Always fascinated with the politics of money, she is also the author of Transatlantic Politics and the Transformation of the International Monetary System, with a forward by former IMF Director, Jacques de Larosière.


Frasher earned a PhD from Texas A&M University, MAs in history and political science from Ohio University, and BAs in foreign language and international studies from The Ohio State University. She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).

More information about her work can be found at https://www.frasher.cc


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