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M. Gary LaFever (@GaryLaFever) started Anonos ( with co-founder Ted Myerson (@TedMyerson) to apply their knowledge and experience in financial risk management to the data privacy sector to reduce the risk of inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of identifying information. Anonos was recently selected for the inaugural TED Residency program for “ideas worth spreading” in recognition of Anonos’ breakthrough BigPrivacy technology for implementing Dynamic Data Obscurity. Their prior company, FTEN, revolutionized global financial securities markets by enabling re-aggregation / re-identification of seemingly unassociated data elements to reflect real-time, consolidated financial positions. NASDAQ OMX acquired FTEN following the May 6th Flash Crash, when the Dow Jones industrial average briefly plunged nearly 1,000 points erasing $1 trillion from the U.S. financial securities markets. The FTEN re-aggregation / re-identification risk management technology enabled NASDAQ OMX to provide technology tools to exchanges around the globe to manage systemic risk in financial securities markets. For more information, contact


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