Sarah Pipes, CIPP/US, CIPT, FIP


Dropbox, Inc.

Manager, Global Data Privacy

Sarah Pipes is Manager, Global Data Privacy at Workday, and is responsible for privacy compliance activities. She has extensive expertise in developing international data protection compliance programs, operationalizing privacy requirements, and implementing privacy-by-design processes.
Prior to joining Workday, Sarah led privacy, security and data governance engagements for a number of Fortune 100 companies as a member of KPMG’s Cyber Services. She holds a M.S.I. from University of Michigan Information School and a bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University.


Contributions by Sarah Pipes

  • Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Systems: Tech Advances and Privacy Risks
    Speaker at Global Privacy Summit 2019
  • A Win-Win Privacy-Partnership with Product Teams: A PIA in Three Parts
    Speaker at Privacy. Security. Risk. 2018