Lawrence You



Director of Privacy, Product and Engineering

Dr. Lawrence You is Google's Director of Privacy for Product and Engineering since 2013. He joined Google’s Systems Infrastructure group in 2004, leading the logs storage and analysis team. He has been an advisor to product, engineering, policy, and legal teams across Google on matters related to large-scale data analysis, data management, security, and privacy technology. Currently he drives privacy initiatives within Google, strategic technical direction, and works with a team of Privacy Engineers to establish design and development practices.

Prior to Google, Lawrence's research was in scalable, space-efficient archival storage systems. As a software engineer, he has developed mobile and embedded software platforms and software development tools at Pixo, Metrowerks, Taligent, and Apple. Lawrence holds a PhD in computer science from University of California, Santa Cruz; MS in computer science, and BS in electrical engineering from Stanford University.


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