Matthew Woldin, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, FIP



Global Privacy Manager

Matthew Woldin is Global Privacy Manager at Vanguard, based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  Matthew leads a team of data privacy professionals in advancing and executing the Global Privacy Program which establishes a common framework for data privacy across Vanguard.  In collaboration with Legal, Compliance, and Information Security, the Global Privacy Program is responsible for the oversight of the privacy activities at Vanguard.  This responsibility is executed through the implementation of policies and oversight procedures pertaining to Vanguard’s privacy practices. The Global Privacy Program works closely with the business and regional data privacy officers to establish appropriate monitoring and reporting to ensure that an adequate control environment exists to effectively identify, manage, and mitigate privacy related risks facing respective business units and/or regional entities.
Matthew began his career at Vanguard in 2001 working in the Retail business moving throughout client service, marketing, risk management, and program management positions.  Prior to joining the Global Privacy Team in 2014, he served as the Compliance Manager for the Annuity and Insurance Services department with oversight for compliance, licensing, risk management, tax reporting, and training.
Matthew received the CIPP/US, CIPM, and FIP accreditations from the IAPP.  He received his MBA in 2015 from Saint Joseph’s University and his BA in 1999 from the University of Pennsylvania.


Contributions by Matthew Woldin

  • Member of Training Advisory Board 2018 - 2019