Emily Johnson, CIPP/E


Microsoft Corporation

Senior Privacy Program Manager and Team Lead

Emily is a data protection, marketing data and brand expert with specific focus and interest in the areas of data protection, marketing communications, brand strategy, and how they all affect customer experience. She has held various roles in data privacy, marketing and CRM, brand strategy, and user experience and design. Emily has 17 years’ experience in the technology sector, with a focus on privacy topics for 7 years, and has CIPP/E certification.


Emily has held privacy roles that include conducting consumer behavior research on data protection, building consumer-facing websites to explain privacy policies and standards, creating strategic brand messaging on privacy, and building internal corporate privacy communications and awareness campaigns, in addition to managing operational privacy programs.


Emily currently works at Microsoft managing the privacy programs that support the Microsoft Sales and Marketing teams and Microsoft subsidiaries in the Western Europe, UK and Ireland areas. This is part of a global program that developed Privacy as a Service for all subsidiaries and also includes managing service teams that support the privacy programs in conducting impact assessments and giving privacy consultation.


Contributions by Emily Johnson