Pam Dixon


World Privacy Forum

Founder, Executive Director

Pam Dixon founded the World Privacy Forum in November 2003. An author and a researcher, she has consistently broken critical new ground in her work and has written highly respected and influential studies in the area of privacy, including the impactful Medical Identity Theft report that named this crime for the first time and led to new understandings about health privacy and technology. Dixon has also worked on a joint mobile app privacy voluntary code for the NTIA Multistakeholder process. Recently, Dixon completed more than 7 months of research and privacy work in India focusing on technology and privacy. Her most recent book, Online Privacy, was published in 2011/2012 by ABC-CLIO books. Dixon was formerly a research fellow with the Privacy Foundation at Denver University's Sturm School of Law, where she worked with privacy and security technologist Richard M. Smith.


Contributions by Pam Dixon

  • The New EU-US Data Privacy Framework and Next Steps for Data Transfers
    Speaker at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2022
  • The OECD Effort on Developing Trusted Government Access to Private Sector Data
    Moderator at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022
  • When Global Emergencies Threaten to Jeopardize Privacy Rights
    Speaker at IAPP Summit Sessions 2020 Online