Abigail Dubiniecki, CIPM


My Inhouse Lawyer

Data Privacy Specialist

Abigail Dubiniecki is a UK-based speaker, educator, writer and lawyer specialising in data privacy and trade. She has spoken before a range of audiences at events run by IAPP, CBA, Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce, OWIT and the Data Protection World Forum. A former Associate of Henley Business School, Abigail trained senior executives of top global brands on GDPR and developed content for an in-depth online GDPR program. More recently she has contributed to the privacy engineering module of U of T’s ‘Privacy Management in the Digital Enterprise’ certificate. She advises a portfolio of ambitious, mid-sized companies on their privacy programs as a Specialist with My Inhouse Lawyer. She contributes to thought leadership in privacy and tech as as a Privacy Writer for Information Age and member of the Journal of Data Protection and Privacy editorial board. Abigail uses a blended approach that connects the dots between business continuity, risk, technology, and trade. Her combined expertise in privacy and international trade matters, coupled with her bijuridical background, gives her a truly global perspective. She draws on her unique perspectives to enrich the classroom and operational environment and help students and client appreciate the broader, commercial backdrop for their privacy journeys. 


Contributions by Abigail Dubiniecki