Andrew Hughes


In Turn Information Management Consulting


Andrew Hughes is an international specialist in online identity policy and trust frameworks. 
After consulting for Canadian Public Sector clients for 14 years at Sierra Systems in Victoria, BC., Andrew launched his ‘second career’ as an international consultant in 2012. 
He brings Canadian perspectives on identity, privacy and public policy to his clients and colleagues in the United States and elsewhere. 
Andrew also serves in leadership roles for international associations, notably Kantara Initiative as co-chair of the Identity Assurance Working Group and Leadership Council chair; and as Plenary Vice-Chair and Board member for the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, an offshoot of the US National Strategy for Trusted Identity in Cyberspace.
He currently leads a team of experts at the Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada to develop an Identity Trust Framework for Canada. 


Contributions by Andrew Hughes

  • User Managed Access for Privacy
    Speaker at IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2016