Douglas Barbin, CIPP/US



Principal, Cybersecurity Leader

Doug Barbin is principal and owner at Schellman & Company where he leads Schellman's cybersecurity and compliance offerings.  He carries the CIPP/US, CPA, CISSP, and several other certifications.  In addition to his hands-on work with leading edge cloud and AI companies, Doug completed the MIT's executive certificate program in Artificial Intelligence.   
Twitter: @DougBarbin


Contributions by Douglas Barbin

  • “Alexa, Where is My PII? Sorry, You’ll Have to Ask the Enterprise”
    Speaker at Privacy. Security. Risk. 2018
  • Vendor Questionnaires: Inundating Your Department?
    Speaker at Privacy. Security. Risk. 2017
  • Close-up on Cloud Security Audit
    Speaker at IAPP Privacy Academy 2014