Ariel Silverstone


Strand | Data Protectors

External DPO, Managing Director

Ariel has been addressing business information privacy, security and risk challenges for over 20 years.  As a designer of information privacy and security processes and policies to address the most demanding challenges in the field, he is a pioneer in information security strategy and engineering, business risk, and management solutions.

Previously, he was the Vice President for Security Strategy, Privacy and Trust at GoDaddy; contributed to the Cloud Computing security strategy Microsoft; and acted as the chief trusted security advisor to Cisco’s largest customers.

He has led information security efforts for a number of companies including Expedia, and Symantec.  He is a speaker at industry events and appeared in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, CSO Magazine, ComputerWorld and other leading publications. He has authored and contributed to more than 20 books, dozens of magazines, electronic publications, and high-profile research papers. Ariel can be reached at: