Joanne Furtsch, CIPP/C, CIPP/US, CIPT, FIP



Director, Deputy Data Governance Officer

Joanne Furtsch is a leading expert in global online privacy practices spanning website, advertising, mobile and application privacy with deep specialization in COPPA and European Union Safe Harbor compliance. Joanne is currently Director of Product Policy at TRUSTe the leading online privacy certification authority. Joanne joined TRUSTe in 1999, and oversaw many operational, policy and product functions, and is responsible for TRUSTe's program requirements that define the basis of the certification products and operations. She graduated with a B.A. in Finance from California State University, Fullerton, and holds both CIPP and CIPP/C certifications.


Contributions by Joanne Furtsch

  • Don?t Mess with Kids? Data ? Understanding the Sensitivities, Legal Framework and Best Practice Solutions for Protecting Children?s Privacy Online
    Speaker at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2014
  • COPPA Is Not Just for Kids’ Websites Anymore
    Privacy Tracker
  • Speaker at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2012
  • Speaker at Privacy Academy 2013