Regional Digital Compliance Officer

Dick Wong, CIPP/A/E, CIPM, CIPT, CISM, CISSP, CRISC, FIP is the Regional Digital Compliance Officer for the Asia Pacific & Japan at SAP. He had formerly provided assurances on companies' practices as an auditor too. Dick has been a regulatory compliance officer with nearly 20 years of experience in various industries including aviation, retail, technology, government, telecommunications, education, real estate, healthcare and financial services where, more recently, subjects on cybersecurity, data protection, financial crime and regulatory rules have taken more of his time and attention both regionally and globally.


As part of compliance advisory, Dick has led change in organizations with the understanding of global and local best practices in order to meet their legal, cultural and personal expectations. His customized regulatory approach allows internal and external stakeholders to meet various implementation challenges that include the translation of the laws and regulations, enforcement activities and processes, while taking into account monitoring all legal compliance factors for both local and global markets such as sectorial rules, cross border transactions and data localization expectations.


Dick brings an abundance of broad specializations as an information risk and data protection compliance practitioner. Dick participates not only in privacy forums, but also in security communities to bring awareness and communicate the various topics with a broader spectrum of companies, security enthusiasts, and data privacy professionals. Using these security and privacy platforms, Dick communicates how to initiate, promote, and enforce protection and compliance programs to meet the terms of data protection and cybersecurity legislations as well as sectorial regulatory rules.


With his affiliations in both privacy and security professional bodies, he advocates that addressing data privacy regulatory expectations needs to go beyond just legal compliance and operationalizing compliance is required for sustaining efforts where the importance of demonstrating good data practices grows.




Contributions by Dick Wong

  • Member of Asia Advisory Board 2019 - 2020