Stephan Grynwajc


Outside GC

Member of the Firm

Stephan Grynwajc, a Member of Outside GC LLC (, a "virtual" law firm comprised entirely of former senior in-house lawyers, is a European (France and UK), U.S. and Canadian privacy lawyer based in New York City. His practice focuses on helping clients comply with EU, Canadian and U.S. laws, and particularly on assisting U.S-based clients in navigating the EU privacy landscape, from complying with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation to ensuring their privacy practices also meet the requirements of any national derogations adopted by EU member states in furtherance of the GDPR. Stephan also advises clients on developing global privacy documentation, policies and procedures, and on drafting internationally compliant privacy policies and statements.

Prior to joining Outside GC, Stephan worked in-house for 15 years, occupying a number of senior in-house counsel positions with U.S. technology companies in the EU and the U.S., including Intel and Symantec.

He is an active member of the American Bar Association’s Section of International Law, in which he recently served as a co-chair to the Privacy, Cybersecurity and Virtual Rights Committee. Stephan can be reached at