Data Protection Officer

Wijaya Abori is an accomplished professional in the field of data protection and privacy, bringing extensive experience and expertise to his role as the Head of the Data Protection Office of OCBC Bank, the longest established Singapore bank, second largest financial services group in Southeast Asia and one of the world’s most highly rated banks. 


Wijaya’s career in data protection began when he established and led the Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission’s Investigations team, helping to develop and implement policies and guidelines across Singapore information landscape.  

Building on his time in the PDPC, Wijaya served as the Regional Data Protection Officer at Deutsche Bank. Leveraging his extensive knowledge of data protection regulations and industry standards, he set up the bank's data protection program across multiple jurisdictions in Asia. Wijaya’s ability to navigate complex cross-border data transfers played a vital role in ensuring compliance with the then-new GDPR. 


Wijaya then transitioned to the technology sector, where he established and helmed the Data Protection Office of Grab. In this role, he led the Data Protection office as it spearheaded the development and implementation of a comprehensive framework that safeguarded customer data while enabling business innovation. 


With his comprehensive background in regulatory affairs, his leadership experience in the technology sector, and expertise in the finance industry, Wijaya now leads OCBC’s Data Protection Office as it navigates complex data protection landscapes and builds trust with the bank’s customers, partners and stakeholders.  


Contributions by Wijaya Abori

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