JJ Pan



APAC Data Ethics Officer, Director of Public Policy


Dr. J J Pan is responsible for the oversight of Acxiom’s Asia Pacific public policy and fair information practices. J J has worked in a variety of areas of the business in her career, including consumer program manager, customer contact manager and internet infrastructure strategist. Since 1999, she has led Trustmark initiatives relating to internet self-regulation with cross-border rules, applicable privacy guidelines, consumer affairs and government affairs. 

J J  is a regular speaker on best practices regarding internet self-regulation and digital business in a variety of scopes, including marketing, sales, dispute resolution, technological innovation and entrepreneurship, both domestically and abroad, and has also published numerous articles and participated in publications on these subjects. J J is also active on a variety of industry boards and councils. She is the secretary general of World Trustmark Alliance  and regularly invited as guest expert of Data Privacy Subgroup of Electronic Committee Steering Group for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC ECSG DPS).

She has a PhD degree in Technology and Innovation Management from the University of Chengchi at Taipei, Taiwan.


Contributions by JJ Pan

  • How to Perform Data Ethics and Governance in Big Data
    Moderator at IAPP Asia Privacy Forum 2018
  • Challenges For Cross-Regional Data Flow: Viewpoints of GDPR and China Cybersecurity Law
    Moderator at Taipei KnowledgeNet: 8 September 2017
  • Demonstrating Accountability to Solve Data Protection Challenges
    Speaker at IAPP Asia Privacy Forum 2017