Michael Akinwumi


National Fair Housing Alliance

Chief Tech Equity Officer

Michael Akinwumi leads the Responsible AI work and Tech Equity Initiative program at the National Fair House Alliance. His mission is to ensure that responsible use of AI eliminates patterns and practices of algorithmic discrimination in housing and ends segregation of economic resources in communities. He engages in research and public speaking to advance algorithmic fairness, privacy enhancing technologies, algorithmic explainability techniques, machine learning performance, and human-in-the-loop AI governance frameworks.

Use cases covered by Dr Akinwumi’s work include algorithmic tenant screening, algorithmic underwriting and pricing of mortgage loans, risk-based pricing of homeowner insurance products, use of generative AI in housing and lending, algorithmic home valuation, and algorithmic extraction of biometrics data.  

Previously, Dr. Akinwumi led governance engineering efforts at a FinTech by minimizing exposures to regulatory risks, managed a machine learning-powered recommender system that presents product and service offers to retail customers of a bank, and pioneered the use of machine learning solutions in auto and property insurance pricing of a P&C insurance company.

Dr. Akinwumi lives his belief that “only a life lived for others is worth living.”