Lachlan McCalman


Gradient Institute

Chief Practitioner

Lachlan has spent the last decade developing algorithms and software systems to solve real-world problems with machine learning (ML) for governments and industry. He has led teams of ML researchers, software engineers and domain experts to tackle large, interdisciplinary estimation problems requiring robust uncertainty quantification.

Before joining Gradient Institute Lachlan was group leader of Inference Systems Engineering at CSIRO’s Data61. He led a team of machine learning researchers and engineers specialising in applying probabilistic ML to diverse problem domains for government and industry, including targeted auditing, spatial and spatio-temporal prediction, and causal inference. Through this work, Lachlan and the team developed their understanding of the ethical challenges posed by large-scale adoption of AI and the urgency with which those challenges must be addressed.

Lachlan also previously worked at National ICT Australia (NICTA), where he led a number of large collaborations between machine learning and the natural sciences, including the $6.6M Geothermal Data Fusion project for the Federal Government, and the $12M dollar Big Data Knowledge Discovery project for the Science Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF).