Satriyo Wibowo, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, FIP


PT Xynexis International/Indonesia Cyber Security Forum

Lead Data Protection Consultant/Forum Secretary

Satriyo Wibowo, graduated with Bachelor Degree from ITB (Institute of Technology Bandung) majoring in Electrical Engineering, Master of Business Administration majoring in Business Leadership from ITB, Master Degree in Law from Gadjah Mada University majoring in Business Law, and alumni of the 2019 International Visitor Leadership Program on Cybersecurity Policy Development and Implementation from the US Government. 

He is now assisting the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Indonesia and National Cyber and Crypto Agency as consultant for cyber security and personal data protection, specially for building national competency standards for human resources related to SOC analyst, pentester, auditor, digital evidence first responder, cryptographer, and DPO. He is a member of National Standard Body Technical Committee 35-04 on Information Security, Cyber Security, and Privacy Protection, mirroring agent of ISO/TC027.

He held international certificate from EC Council for cyber security industry as a CCISO (Certified Chief of Information Security Officer), CBP (Certified Blockchain Professional), CSA (Certified SOC Analyst), ECIH (Certified Incident Responder), and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker). He is a Certified EC Council Instructor too and has already conducted training for more than 500 participants. He succeeded to pass CIPT, CIPP/E, and CIPM certification, and completed them with FIP.

His personal mission is to prepare the workforce with standardization, training, awareness, and consultancy work so they can catch up on personal data protection areas with other nations.


Contributions by Satriyo Wibowo

  • The New Indonesian Personal Data Protection Act: Perspectives and shared experiences with the Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act
    Speaker at Virtual Singapore KnowledgeNet: 9 December 2022
  • Unleashing the Power of Indonesia PDP Law
    Speaker at Virtual Jakarta KnowledgeNet: 6 October 2022
  • The State of Privacy and Privacy Enhancing Technologies
    Speaker at Virtual Jakarta KnowledgeNet: 26 March 2022