Lerone Banks



PhD, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection

Lerone Banks serves as a subject matter expert for cybersecurity and data privacy within the FTC's Division of Privacy and Identity Protection (DPIP). His policy work includes updates to better align the COPPA and GLBA safeguards rules with evolving risks. Lerone has served as in-house expert on nearly all the Bureau of Consumer Protection's data security and privacy matters for the past decade. In this role, he provides technical expertise to case teams investigating the world’s most sophisticated tech companies. He championed efforts to bring more technologists to the agency through the creation of the Office of Technology Research (OTech) and the office of the Chief Technologist. His work, along with that of other technologists, has saved the FTC millions of dollars in external consulting fees and won millions of dollars for consumers. Lerone also facilitates the agency’s public events serving as co-chair for PrivacyCon, the FTC's annual gathering of stakeholders to highlight innovative research and trends related to consumer data protection. Lerone Banks earned his PhD from the University of California, Davis, was formerly a professor and spent time in industry as a developer and cybersecurity analyst.


Contributions by Lerone Banks

  • Privacy Threat Modeling: Let’s Get Serious About Privacy Risk Management
    Speaker at IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2023