Paola Bazz



I am an Italian-born (Padua) and UK-based (Manchester) artist. I studied painting and drawing in my formative years and completed my undergraduate degree in Architecture at University IUAV in Venice.


I nurtured my passion for painting and drawing alongside my work as an architect. As well as house renovations, interiors and store designs, I worked on museum and temporary exhibitions and theatrical scenographies in Rome, Padua and Milan between 1991 and 2010. I experimented with the re-use of recycled newspaper glued on canvas, cardboard or wood, as a base for my paintings, as well as exploring many other techniques, materials and subjects. However, in terms of themes, there have mainly been three recurring ones: people’s faces, the movement of the human body and the relationship between public and private in everyone's life.


Between 2004 and 2008 I took part in various group and solo exhibitions in Padua, Milan and Turin and in 2005 I founded, together with other artists, the group “Gruppo Fuoridisegno”.


In 2008, in search of new artistic solutions and leaving painting as unique form of expression behind, I began the production of artworks using printed paper recycled from magazines, newspapers and catalogs . This new artistic research was inspired by my move to Brussels in 2010, where I found new inspiration in the chaotic succession of images, messages, colours and culture characteristic of this city.


I have been based in Manchester UK since early 2012, and I am continuing to explore further the dimension and the power of printed paper, along with questions of identity and their relation to the constant and rapid changes within it. 


Contributions by Paola Bazz