Mike Shaver



Chief Technology Officer

Mike is the Chief Technology Officer at Integrate.AI, where he oversees engineering, product management, design and machine learning science for Integrate’s AI-powered customer-centricity platform. Prior to Integrate, Mike was a partner at Real Ventures, Canada’s most active early-stage VC firm, where he led investments in several AI companies.
At Facebook, Mike managed mobile engineering during the company’s transition to “mobile first”, and worked directly on issues of privacy and security in Facebook’s mobile applications. As VP Engineering at Mozilla, Mike was responsible for the design and development of the Firefox browser, and was active in issues ranging from “Do Not Track” and the privacy design of product telemetry to advising the UK government on their implementation of the EU “cookie law”.
As Chief Software Officer, Mike was also responsible for open source and engineering strategy at Zero Knowledge Systems, a Canadian company pioneering work in “onion networks” and privacy-preserving PKI.
Mike previously served on the board of governors at Seneca college, and is a passionate champion for issues of diversity in the workplace and mental health.


Contributions by Mike Shaver

  • Implementing AI to Support the Business, Responsibly
    Speaker at IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2019