Roman Mykhaylyshyn



Head of Consumer Solutions and Breach Services

Roman Mykhaylyshyn heads the Consumer Solution & Breach Services vertical for TransUnion Canada. His mandate includes support and growth of existing products and enablement of innovative solutions to market – from ideation stage all the way to delivery, with a focus on breach services. TransUnion’s global solutions allow for a “lift and shift” approach, leveraging intellectual property developed in one region to be deployed in another country. One of the most recent initiatives was the launch of myTrueIdentity – an innovative breach solution platform that encompasses credit monitoring in addition to breach-specific bundles (identity theft insurance, dark web monitoring etc.).

Mykhaylyshyn joined TransUnion in 2015 as a Senior Consultant on the business consulting and analytics team, where he facilitated analytics consulting solutions to a number of Canadian financial institutions with a focus on leveraging credit bureau data to enhance risk management, acquisition and customer management capabilities. Prior to TransUnion, Mykhaylyshyn spent over 10 years in various roles within the financial service industry. His responsibilities ranged from portfolio management, risk-based pricing, campaign execution and analytics. 


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