Anjali Gugle


Cisco Systems

Security Architect and Officer, CX Cloud Platform Security

Anjali has over 20+ years' experience in designing solutions and leading teams to secure enterprise and networking solutions along with sound management background.

In her current capacity at Cisco, she is an Architect and Security Officer at Cloud Platform Security Group and her main focus is developing solutions for improving the security and privacy posture of Cisco Products. Her specialty is navigating complex landscapes in the areas of cloud security and cyberspace privacy issues. Anjali has been an avid speaker at (ISC)2 Security Congress, ISSA, and Women of Silicon Valley Conference, an influencer in Networking With A Purpose Silicon Valley series in areas of data privacy and cybersecurity. Her expertise is at the intersection of Networking, and Cybersecurity.

Anjali holds a Patent for workload scheduling based on a credit-based mechanism. She is also an Executive Producer of "Diva Mom" music video celebrating "mainstream women".

Anjali holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Dalhousie University, Canada.


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