Natasha Petterson, CIPP/E, CIPM



Sr. Privacy Compliance Analyst

Natasha Petterson is a Senior Analyst on Salesforce’s privacy team, specializing in privacy compliance and experienced in privacy communications. She joined Salesforce in 2020 and leads company-wide privacy compliance workstreams including implementation of new privacy laws, internal compliance and policy work. She has also co-published white papers for Salesforce’s privacy website and attributed privacy content to Salesforce’s Trailhead platform. Prior to her work on Salesforce’s privacy team, Natasha spent over 8 years in Certification at Return Path (acquired by Validity).


Natasha holds a B.S. in Economics from Vanderbilt University, is CIPP/E and CIPM certified. 


Contributions by Natasha Petterson

  • Member of Training Advisory Board 2022 - 2023