Daniela González Herrera



Business Development Manager

Daniela is a lawyer and currently the head of the Data Privacy Team at OlarteMoure, a Colombian law firm highly specialized in all aspects of management, protection, enforcement, and exploitation of intangible assets, including data. Her practice focuses on advising local and foreign clients of different industries (Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Software & Computer Services, Consumer Product Manufacturing, Education, Financial Services, Sports and Telecommunications) on privacy matters including structuring innovating corporate compliance strategies, drafting and implementing protocols and policies related to the data life cycle and management and security of data, assisting auditing procedures, transactional operations and due diligence related to data privacy and cybersecurity and defending against administrative investigations.

Daniela is a member of the Steering Committee of the Colombian Data Privacy Association and a member of the Data Privacy Working Committee of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property, where she contributes on academic matters as well as on projects to achieve the objectives of those Committees.

Daniela holds a Master of Laws degree in Globalization and Law with an emphasis in Commercial and Corporate Law from Maastricht University, where she wrote her master thesis on the role of the Data Protection Officer as a new participant within Corporate Governance Structures.


Contributions by Daniela González Herrera

  • Conversando con Oficiales de Protección de Datos Personales en Colombia:
    Speaker at En Persona Bogota KnowledgeNet: 24 Octubre 2022
  • Colombian Highlights and Cases for Ecuador and its New Data Protection Law
    Speaker at Virtual Bogota and Ecuador KnowledgeNet: 15 April 2021