Eligibility for service on the IAPP board of directors extends to all members in good standing. Professional members (generally, those members from legal or consulting fields) cannot exceed 25% of the existing board seats.

Board membership requires a 5-year commitment. The board generally meets 4 times each year. Board members are expected to participate actively in some area of the IAPP’s activities and assist the organization in the pursuit of its mission. Board members are not compensated for their services. However, board members do receive complimentary passes to IAPP events. Additionally, board members are reimbursed for travel and lodging to the annual board retreat. Board terms generally begin on January 1st of each year.

The Nomination Process:

1. Nominations may be made at any time during the year by a candidate, or on behalf of a candidate. Nominations should include an expression of willingness to serve on the IAPP board and a brief biographical statement. Nominations should be submitted to the president/CEO of the IAPP. The president will compile all nominations and provide them to the chair of the nominating committee.

2. The Nominating Committee generally meets in the last quarter of the calendar year to assess candidates. The Committee will review candidates against many criteria, including, but not limited to: membership status, certification status, commitment to the organization (as demonstrated by participation in conferences, submission of articles to publications, leadership roles within the organization, etc.), industry diversity, geographic diversity, gender/race/ethnic diversity, and the strategic needs of the IAPP.

3. The Nominating Committee will prepare a recommended slate of candidates equal in number to the available board positions each year. This slate will be forwarded to the board for consideration and election to the board.