(Jul 25, 2016) The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's new regulations on drones, or unmanned aerial devices, becomes effective late next month. The rules, which build on the privacy best practices published at the end of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's multi-stakeholder effort last month, apply to commercial use of drones weighing more than 55 pounds. In this quick-hit Q&A, Diana Marina Cooper, senior director of legal and policy affairs at drone manufacturer Precision... Read More

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Global News Roundup— July 18 - 25, 2016

(Jul 25, 2016) In this week’s Privacy Tracker legislative roundup, read about plans in Singapore to introduce legislation to safeguard sensitive data used by tech companies, as well as new guidance from the Personal Data Protection Commission on disposing of personal data. A Russian MP has proposed delaying the nation’s data retention law until the year 2023. A roundtable conference discussed Pakistan’s cybercrime bill, saying it needs amendments to protect privacy. In Europe, Advocate General Henrik Saugmands... Read More

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Podcast: LinkedIn’s Kalinda Raina talks privacy then vs. now

(Jul 22, 2016) In this edition of The Privacy Advisor Podcast, LinkedIn Global Head of Privacy Kalinda Raina discusses her career in privacy. Raina did stints at Apple and Nintendo before moving to LinkedIn. Her role now, she says, is much more strategic than the roles she played in her earlier roles as a privacy pro. In this podcast, she talks to Angelique Carson, CIPP/US, about what keeps her motivated and how she got to where she is today. Read More

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Will the UK soon stand alone on data retention?

(Jul 22, 2016) This week, Advocate General Henrik Saugmandsgaard Øe, senior advisor to the European Court of Justice, dealt new British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for increased surveillance powers a serious blow. In his formal opinion on cases Tele2 Sverige AB v. Post- och telestyrelsen (C-203/15) and C-698/15 Secretary of State v. Watson and Others on national data retention obligations in Sweden and the U.K., respectively, Øe said that while such obligations may be compatible with EU law, they must b... Read More

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NSA releases IoT report

(Jul 22, 2016) In the newest edition of the National Security Agency’s publication “The Next Wave,” dedicated to reviewing emerging tech, the focus is on the internet of things. Over 50 pages, and with a mix of highly technical academic pieces and more informative magazine-style articles, the publication features everything from agile block cyphers to the NSA’s newest NiFi developments to an investigation into nascent privacy issues. In fact, NSA Director of Civil Liberties and Privacy Becky Richards, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, is the publication’s guest editor. “NSA sees itself as a facilitator,” she writes, “bringing together diverse people and ideas to foment multidisciplinary research, and perhaps even to develop a true science of privacy.” Read More

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ProPublica publishes hundreds of OCR closing letters

(Jul 22, 2016) Investigative news outlet ProPublica is releasing hundreds of closing letters issued to providers by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights. When the OCR fines a company for violating HIPAA, it issues a press release with details, but, the report points out, the agency sends thousands of letters per year to providers to resolve complaints about possible HIPAA violations. The letters tend to remind providers of legal requirements and provide advice on how to ame... Read More

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Victoria commish tapped for UN big data study

(Jul 22, 2016) Joe Cannataci, U.N. special rapporteur for privacy, has asked Victoria, Australia, Privacy Commissioner David Watts to lead a study looking at big data and open data and how they affect the right to privacy globally, according to iTnews. According to the report, the study “will seek to bed down a globally recognized definition of big data, plus a list of its benefits, risks, and the kinds of management frameworks that could be endorsed as best practice on the international stage.” Watts will remain in his capacity in Victoria during the study. A report will be delivered to the U.N. General Assembly in October 2017. Read More

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Trailer for ‘Snowden’ released; Snowden plans privacy-protecting phone case

(Jul 22, 2016) The trailer for Oliver Stone’s new movie, “Snowden,” premiered Thursday at Comic-Con International. The movie recounts the life and actions of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. During a promotion of the new movie, Stone voiced several privacy concerns he’s seeing as “a new level of invasion,” the Guardian reports. He said the amount of data mining in the Digital Age is contributing to what he called “surveillance capitalism,” adding, “You’ll see a new form of, frankly, a robot society. It’s what... Read More

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