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Asia-Pacific Dashboard Digest | Notes from the iappANZ, February 26, 2016 Related reading: Perspective: Embedding privacy in our day-to-day lives


Welcome to the Digest.

Privacy and data protection challenge our way of thinking all the time. This week's report from the region and around the world shows just why and, as co-editor of iappANZ's journal, that makes me happy!

You don't need a crystal ball to know that cybersecurity is set to be the trending privacy topic of 2016. The Australian government's Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is planning its second conference in April. A new industry coalition of cybersecurity policy and law has been launched in the U.S. Companies like Team8 are taking an innovative approach to cybersecurity solutions, while the Ponemon Institute and Lookout have teamed up to show the economic risks of mobile phone breaches from employee access to corporate data on their mobiles (ouch.) As consultation on the proposed Australian mandatory data breach reforms continues, it will be interesting to see how government and industry can work together to address the complex cyber issues.

This caught my eye too — what about living in a world where you don't need secure password-based authentication? Is that possible? It's being proposed for South Korea's financial sector.

In the third and final installment for The Privacy Advisor, Tiffany Li and Zhou Zhou give some great guidance for businesses when developing China based policies and notices.

There are more reports on the Apple versus FBI debate and who should decide whether Apple must help U.S. agencies gain backdoor access to iPhones (by writing software). Everyone is weighing in. The outcome will be significant, and not just for the U.S.


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