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The Privacy Advisor | Drumroll, please: IAPP announces the Privacy Core Related reading: Data privacy requests metrics: Lessons for your privacy program





For the uninitiated, the words “privacy” and “data protection” and “personally identifiable information” can be mysterious, slightly ominous, and altogether unwieldy. Enter the IAPP Privacy Core e-learning library, officially launching today. The training program comprises series of  interactive e-learning courses that aim to not only turn such terms into digestible and approachable concepts but also to provide employees the knowledge to spot and communicate potential privacy issues within their organizations, with confidence.

That was the aim dictating the Privacy Core tool’s development, said IAPP Training Director Marla Berry, CIPT. “Training is critical to any organization’s risk mitigation strategy,” she said. “The IAPP Privacy Core e-learning library delivers short, practical lessons designed to increase employees’ awareness of privacy concepts and improve their ability to identify and handle privacy matters as part of their daily work.”

Because the privacy professional already has a full plate, keeping the Privacy Core library’s first offering, Privacy 101, substantive yet brief was paramount. The program tackles three big questions in three 15-minute parts: Why Privacy Matters, What is Personal Information?, and Handling Personal Information, using interactive tools, videos, and true-to-life scenarios that put users in the driver’s seat.

Privacy Core e-learning was designed with multiple industries in mind, from health care and education to marketing and finance. The goal of the training is to help employees make smart data-handling decisions. After all, one mistake is all it takes. One misguided click on a phishing email, or one poorly executed password, and a brand risks regulatory fines, legal sanctions and its reputation. The training aims to reduce or eliminate human error by empowering employees with the skills to spot privacy issues, therefore bolstering organizations’ compliance with in-house, state and federal privacy policies and/or laws.

To the training's developers and privacy pros alike, the addition of this program is a welcome one. “Finally, a course that has been put together by privacy professionals in a simple, easy and yet comprehensive manner!” Said MasterCard’s JoAnn Stonier, CIPM.

“The IAPP Privacy Core  tool’s training is an important contribution to the privacy community: well produced, thoughtful, and enjoyable,” said General Electric’s Peter Lefkowitz, CIPP/US.  “It's raising the bar on privacy basics for data custodians.”

Stonier, a member of IAPP’s Board of Directors, said creating the final result was a team effort—a labor of love that was the product of countless man hours.

“We have developed most of our training materials in-house with the assistance of various ‘training vendors,’” she said, adding the effort was worth it. “The IAPP Privacy Core library is a significant step forward in privacy training,” she said.

Navigate Managing Director Donna H. Fickett, CIPM, CIPP/G and CIPP/US, who also worked on the training, echoed Stonier’s sentiments. "It was a pleasure viewing the IAPP's new Privacy Core e-learning training module,” she said. “During the development of the material, the IAPP team focused intently on creating a product that would translate the language and ideas of privacy to relatable business situations.  I think the final product is visually engaging and does a wonderful job bringing critical privacy concepts to life."

Interested in learning more? Contact the Sales Team here for more details. Want to try it out, up close and personal? The Privacy Core library will be available to demo at the IAPP Central booth at the 2016 IAPP Privacy Summit in Washington this April.


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