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Privacy Perspectives | Seatbelts, everyone: Netflix's 'Magic School Bus' reboot to tackle privacy Related reading: Having the bigger gun: 'House of Cards,' surveillance, and you





... and I couldn't be more pumped if I tried. 

But before I vomit enthusiasm, I will address those amongst us scratching their heads. 

The "Magic School Bus" is a beloved book-series-turned-PBS-show that chronicles the adventures of Ms. Frizzle (played by the goddess that is Lily Tomlin), the ultimate kooky aunt, and her class of budding nerds as they explore science with the aid of their (#plottwist) anthropomorphic magic school bus. It can shrink, take the class to the rainforest, go underwater to ridiculous depths like a submarine, etc., etc. 

It's the kind of animated crack that brings you right on back to being home sick in '94, drinking Juicey Juice, and learning about antibodies when the MSB actually took a journey through a sick classmate's body. And that theme song — iconic for the playground set. Basically, it's an easy way to get younger viewers excited about fundamental scientific concepts at an early age. It did for me, at least; I can still remember my excitement when Ms. Frizzle, et al, talked about planets during the height of my astronaut phase. 

Now comes news that Netflix, which currently airs all 52 episodes from 1994-98 on its site, has decided to reboot the series with Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon. And since it seems kind of lame to retread the classics, like how weather works or the particulars of the animal kingdom — and since the world is a very different place than it was in '98 — the show will have a new focus, too. 

Writes the "Hollywood Reporter"

"Magic School Bus Rides Again will feature a modernized Ms. Frizzle and her class along with an inventive high-tech bus. The series also will highlight the latest tech innovations such as robotics, wearables and camera technology — just as in the original PBS show — to encourage children's interest in science." 

Robotics? Wearables? CAMERA TECH?! Looks like a new generation of viewers will get a rundown on privacy basics when they tune in after school. 

I see this as a sort of validation for the privacy pro. If "The Magic School Bus" thinks these topics are both a) basic science and b) important for kids to understand at a young age, then THEY'RE IMPORTANT. "Our issues" are now everyone's issues; welcome to the mainstream, team. 

And who knows? Twenty years from now, some wizened pro could credit, with a glimmer in her misty eye, that her interest in privacy began that fateful afternoon in third grade when she watched that one "Magical School Bus" episode on artificial intelligence.

Photo curtesy of YouTube

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  • comment Annie Bai • Feb 14, 2017
    Can't wait!  It's always fun when that bus shrinks.  Now it can travel the world wide web, not just the human body.  Thanks for sharing.