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While much of the time, The Privacy Advisor focuses on the practical, operational or high-level policy aspects of privacy, sometimes it's nice to look at this profession of ours through a more artistic lens. In this first-of-its-kind feature, John Kropf, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, shares three poems he's written on privacy and technology and the impacts they have on our lives. 


Some see a surrogate

to existence

Intimate ever

present confidant

Mini-god that knows:





      location (at all times)

A golden ratio of handheld perfection:

      iPhone, therefore I am.

Momentous Convergence

The Internet was invented

for humans to realize their maximum potential

a momentous convergence of carbon and silicon

allowing us to speed through glass and steel canyons

in self driving cars

streaming our cat videos 24/7


 Technologists say information wants to be free

Tyrants want information kept under lock and key

Information lives best in its natural habitat,

           running wild

          in giant herds

           like wildebeests

           on the African Savannah

Who would want mass produced

            information from industrial information farms

           rounded up and branded,

           processed and packaged and

           served with unknown ingredients?

We need free-range, organic information

           allowed to grow and roam

          unimpeded, uncorrupted.

That's the information for us.


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