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Canada Dashboard Digest | Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, November 10, 2017 Related reading: Privacy inspection tool finds ad trackers on sensitive nonprofit websites





Next spring, we will be gathering for the largest IAPP Symposium to date. Being involved in some of the planning already, I’m quite certain that this year’s conference will be a phenomenal experience. But, there’s a catch. We need you to participate. By that, I mean we need excellent privacy pros who can teach what they know, to put up their hands and express an interest in being presenters. This weekend is the deadline to put in a proposal to be a speaker. If you get it in and the Canadian Advisory Board chooses your session, you’ll get a free pass to the event. Well worth the effort, I think!

Now that I've made that pitch, I hope you keep on reading the Digest. There’s lots of news. And, if you were listening to CBC News this morning, there’s a good chance you heard my business partner, Shaun Brown, speaking about the latest Facebook news. Did you hear about it already? It’s a new program where people send Facebook naked photos of themselves as a pre-emptive way of blocking anyone else from ever posting the same photo. I'm not kidding. The story is just unfolding, so there are still details to be learned (i.e. some reports suggest that Facebook employees will be responsible for viewing the photos). Is this step, which is being taken to stop revenge porn, just a touch too creepy for you? Or is it worth it as a preventative measure?

One way to look at it is to think that this is some sort of super-intimate Do Not Call List. For our phone numbers, we submit them to a third party to ensure that no else can abuse it. Are you willing to give up your intimate image to a third party so that your image can never be abused too? We say that the digital economy is largely based on trust. I wonder if people trust Facebook this much! I guess we shall see. What I will say is that it is interesting, that's for sure. 

Have a greet weekend, and don’t forget to get your proposals in on time. 


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