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Canada Dashboard Digest | Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, May 17, 2019 Related reading: From the PSR21 keynote stage: Federal privacy law could cure many woes




The federal Office of the Privacy Commissioner announced this week that it was extending the deadline for submissions on their consultation about trans-border data flows and what is required when an organization transfers personal information for processing. The new deadline is June 28.

As I’ve mentioned on LinkedIn, this is an important consultation with potentially far-reaching consequences.

The previous interpretation concluded that when you transferred personal information for processing purposes, it was to be considered a use as opposed to a disclosure. The idea being that if it was a use, then the entity doing the transfer remained completely accountable. This topic was actually the subject of some important parliamentary debate, and I hope that submissions in this regard will make the OPC aware of the long history and its significance.

If your organization transfers personal information for processing purposes (and, quite frankly, who doesn’t in today’s day and age?), then you may want to ensure your voice is heard. At least now you have a bit more time to put your thoughts down on paper.

I’m sure this and many other topics will be discussed next week at our Symposium in downtown Toronto. There are also rumors the federal government may make an announcement next week about privacy law reform and modernizing our laws so that Canada is once again positioned as a leader in the new digital economy. If they do make an announcement, I’ll be sure to spread the word in this space next week, so be on the lookout. And if they do announce something, it’ll give us even more to discuss at the conference next week.

If you happened to be one of the approximately 800 people who are going to be at the conference, please come and say "hi." I love the opportunity to hear what’s going on with other privacy pros. From my photo above, you’ll have no difficulty picking me out of the crowd – my hairstyle hasn’t changed one bit!


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