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TRUSTe earlier this month launched the TRUSTe App aiming to give consumers control over the ads they want to see. The launch follows months of field testing in which 0 out of 10 consumers chose not to opt out of targeted ads and instead to share their interests directly with advertisers in exchange for more relevant ads. The app is an extension to the company’s privacy-compliance solution TRUSTed Ads and allows consumers to choose to update their advertising privacy preferences directly from an ad via the AdChoices icon or download the TRUSTe App to manage and update their preferences and share their ad interests in one place.




STEALTHbits Technologies has released version 2.2 of their sensitive data discovery solution StealthSEEK. The product aims to provide granular sensitive data discovery for unstructured data residing on file systems across desktop, server and NAS infrastructure for organizations to be able to answer questions such as, “Where is my sensitive data?” “Who has access to it?” and “How do I remediate it?”




PASSO  is a private and data management platform that combines customer billing and personal data syncing; customer shopping data aggregated from person web-wide purchases; military-grade customer data protection and full data control and usage transparency for customers and merchants. It aims to help merchants to maintain consistent customer data while lowering homepage and shopping cart abandonment rates. It allows users to securely sync and share their information across internet connected devices and aims to bring more transparency to personal data usage across the web. For consumers, it aims to help them to monitor and understand how applications and websites are using their personal information and how often they’re accessing it, giving consumers full control over what information they want to share.


Absio’s Dispatch Application


Cybersecurity software development company Absio has released a private digital communications application. Absio Dispatch is an alternative to e-mail that aims to provide secure digital delivery of confidential messages and attachments. While it looks and feels like e-mail, it allows users to send, receive and store messages in a continuously encrypted format automatically, allowing only the sender and designated recipients to access and read each message. It also gives users the power to control with whom they are communicated and who to accept into their trusted contact network.

Site Sentinel


Site Sentinel is a website data-flow auditing system that enables publishers, developers, and auditors to ensure the data security and privacy of web applications and their users.  The system remotely scans targeted websites and identifies data-handling issues that typically occur in the user’s browser, but are caused by the structure of the web content.  These weaknesses stem from excessive links to third-party objects, inappropriate use of cookies, exposure of form data, and integration with social media and other services via external JavaScript.  Site Sentinel runs as a network appliance with a web-based interface and produces a wide spectrum of reports, including graphical risk scorecards for quickly identifying problem areas and low-level technical reports for resolving issues found.  The system is intended to assist organizations with disparate web assets in complying with internal policy, government legislation, and industry standards.  The product is developed by Ehrlich, Wesen, and Dauer, a Pittsburgh-based software developer specializing in privacy and data security on the web.


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