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The Privacy Advisor | Get caught up on this summer's privacy podcasts Related reading: The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Max Schrems





Summer's a busy time for most. There's family vacations to be had, suntans to accomplish, and, if you're lucky, some amazing music festivals to attend. It's understandable if you've missed out on the latest podcasts featured weekly via The Privacy Advisor. But we want to help you get caught up. Whether you like to listen while you're driving home from work or chopping onions for dinner, here's a list of the July/August podcasts, for your listening pleasure. 

The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Max Schrems                                                                                                                   (Aug 19, 2016) It's really kind of a remarkable story, when you think about it. Max Schrems, a law student in Austria, does a stint abroad at Santa Clara University School of Law. A Facebook executive comes to his class to talk business. Schrems digests what he's heard and decides he's got issue issue with the way Facebook is handling EU data given national security authorities' potential access to it. He files a complaint with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner and, in the end, after a whole lot of legal back-and-forth, the European Commission invalidates a Safe Harbor, putting thousands of companies who'd been relying on it to transfer data overseas in a big-time lurch. It didn't necessarily make him popular. 

In this podcast, Schrems talks about his ongoing case, which he describes as getting ping-ponged around because no one wants to actually deal with it. He talks about why he doesn’t think privacy is his life’s work, why he doesn’t think comparisons to Snowden make sense, and why it’s time for privacy pros to think about a culture shift. Oh, and he also makes one thing clear: He’s not Jesus Christ. 


The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Megan Price
(Aug 5, 2016)
Megan Price is executive director of the Human Rights Data Analysis Group. Her work is to analyze data extracted from situations where there are human rights violations; think massive deaths in Syria or Colombia, for example, to determine death tolls or perpetrators in the name of finding justice. It’s dangerous work. But when things go well, Megan’s group is called to testify in court on behalf of the prosecution. Price was also recently named to the board of directors of the Tor Project.

The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Jacob Kohnstamm
(Jul 29, 2016) In this edition of the The Privacy Advisor Podcast, Dutch Data Protection Authority Chairman Jacob Kohnstamm, who just today is leaving his post, talks to Angelique Carson, CIPP/US, about his experiences leading the Article 29 Working Party, what it takes to lead a group like that, and, interestingly enough, his history in a rock band. 

The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Kalinda Raina
(Jul 22, 2016) In this edition of The Privacy Advisor Podcast, LinkedIn Global Head of Privacy Kalinda Raina discusses her career in privacy. Raina was at Apple and Nintendo before moving to LinkedIn. Her role now, she says, is much more strategic than the roles she played in her earlier roles as a privacy pro. In this podcast, she talks about what keeps her motivated and how she got to where she is today.  

The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Lorrie Faith Cranor
(Jul 15, 2016) In this edition of The Privacy Advisor podcast, FTC Chief Technologist Lorrie Faith Cranor, CIPT, talks about her gig working with the U.S.' defacto privacy regulators. A well-known researcher out of Carnegie Mellon University, Cranor is taking a break from academic life and helping inform DC’s policymakers and regulators on all things tech. In this chat with Angelique Carson, Cranor discusses where she turns when she doesn't know the answer, what privacy pros should keep in mind when creating privacy policies, and, funny enough, how the “Today” show wound up in her kitchen recently.

The Privacy Advisor Podcast: John Verdi
(Jul 8, 2016) In this edition of The Privacy Advisor Podcast, John Verdi discusses his experience as the public face of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. Verdi, as many privacy pros know, led the NTIA's multi-stakeholder efforts. He was often tasked with bridging the gap between advocates, academics and industry on how to best inform policy on technologies including facial recognition, mobile and drones. Now, he's at Future of Privacy Forum, with the aim of informing smart policies on what's next.  

The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Eduardo Ustaran
(Jun 24, 2016) In this episode of The Privacy Advisor Podcast, Eduardo Ustaran, CIPP/E, discusses the most pressing issues facing privacy pros today. He offers tips on the first steps privacy pros should take toward complying with the GDPR and says, when it comes to cross-border data transfers, he thinks the Privacy Shield is going to hold up to EU regulators' scrutiny. For new privacy pros, he offers this advice: "Be prepared to learn, because you're never going to stop learning ... and there's an importance of getting it right."




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