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Original reporting and thought pieces on the technology of privacy and data protection.

Always on: The new era of continuous privacy compliance

Dimitri Sirota
The EU General Data Protection Regulation is only months away, and more organizations are beginning to contemplate what they need to do for compliance. Many will begin their efforts with survey-based privacy impact assessments because for many privacy professionals that is what they are most familia...
New DSAR tool for GDPR compliance
Ryan Chiavetta, CIPP/US
If you take a look at the first 25 articles of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, you will see several address individuals’ data rights. Up until now, the march to the GDPR has been defined by organizations trying to make sense of the impending rules, but as deadline-day nears, compliance ef...
The GDPR and consent interfaces: A technician's view
Dale Smith, CIPT
From an IT technician's point of view, those of us tasked with operationalizing mandated transparency and consent requirements from the EU General Data Protection Regulation before the May 25 enforcement threshold face a formidable challenge.  While EU users and regulators will be able to evaluate ...
AI offers opportunity to increase privacy for users
Daniel Castro and Alan McQuinn
Technology pundits frequently lament that our increasingly digital world has eroded consumer privacy by enabling businesses to collect and use more personal data. However, what is often lost in the conversation is that the growing use of artificial intelligence actually increases the potential for c...
CES 2018: The show must go on
Ryan Chiavetta, CIPP/US
On the third day of my adventures at CES 2018, an iconic, welcomed presence finally made its way to the massive tech conference. That's right, the sun decided to hit the show floor, happily illuminating the thousands of patrons who are looking to get a first look at some of the brightest minds in te...
CES 2018: Fear and loathing at Eureka Park
Ryan Chiavetta, CIPP/US
About a month before I found out I would be attending CES 2018, I read Hunter S. Thompson's classic novel, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." What a coincidence that I would soon be occupying some of the same areas documented in one of the most wild drug trips in American literature. I am here to te...
CES 2018: The calm before the storm
Ryan Chiavetta, CIPP/US
Greetings from rainy Las Vegas! The IAPP has made it to CES 2018, where a countless number of exhibitors, from the biggest names in tech to startups looking for their chance in the spotlight, are gearing up to show their latest innovations to an excited global audience. "Gearing up" is the key phr...