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Data state of mind: Know your customer, know their data

Dimitri Sirota
Consumer data is a big deal — it affects the consumers who share data, the companies that collect and process data, and the government that oversees the protection and usage of data. However, there is still no universal opinion as to what fair use of that data is. In March alone, New York state pas...
New tech aims to redefine privacy compliance
Ryan Chiavetta
With the General Data Protection Regulation's implementation date just a year away, businesses will be looking for ways to ensure they don't get slammed by massive financial penalties stemming from non-compliance. A slew of new and established companies are jumping into the fold by offering new tec...
How to make privacy usable
Allon Bar
This post shows just a few of the many ways in which design choices can enable different kind of privacy approaches, focusing on informing users and giving them better control. Privacy is shaped by more than law, policy or technical capabilities. Coming from a human rights background, I have become...
De-identification: Moving from the binary to a spectrum
Jedidiah Bracy, CIPP/E, CIPP/US
As with so many things in this world, there is rarely, if ever, a silver-bullet solution to a complex problem in privacy. Perhaps the most glaring example of this is in defining the identifiability of an individual.  Countless privacy laws and regulations around the world define personal informatio...
On simplifying data breach notification compliance
Ryan Chiavetta
Keeping track of the variety of data breach notification laws is easier said than done. All over the world, organizations need to be aware of notification laws that differ by state, country and continent. The first task an organization should do to simplify the compliance process is to create a res...