Get your message to the right people

We can introduce you!

Now you can get your message to the people you want to reach. Advertise with us and you’ll get access to thousands of pros who are coming to us for privacy news, information and resources.

There are three ways to get your message out there:

  1. IAPP publications. The IAPP has 8 daily, weekly and monthly e-publications, including the Daily Dashboard, our flagship publication that is sent out to 43,000+ privacy pros daily.
  2. Online advertising. We get 500,000 unique visitors to our site each month. Reach them through web advertising (optimized for mobile platforms, of course) on our news and blogs pages.
  3. Sponsored web conferences. Sponsor a free web conference and showcase your expertise and technology to members and non-members alike.

Want more info? Get in touch with Media Sales Consultant Geoff Fountain at +1 603.427.9217.