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(Feb 24, 2017) In an effort to make tragedies more visceral, to have their impact felt more readily, news organizations have taken to mining social media and other online resources to create digital memorials. While these humanize what might otherwise move through a newsfeed as a simple count of casualties, IAPP Staff Writer Courtney Gabrielson, CIPM, wonders if the media and others are doing more privacy harm than good with these listicles that boil lives down into publicly available data points. While everyone, surely, should think about how their digital footprint will carry on after they're gone — she argues for Privacy Perspectives — the media and other organizations should also think about their own ethical obligations when they seek to honor and memorialize the dead. Read More

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A look at some privacy trends in the IoT world

(Feb 24, 2017) The almost dizzying pace at which internet-of-things devices are hitting the marketplace continues, as do some unexpected privacy issues. Take recent news from the real estate world. USA Today recently reported that homebuyers are unexpectedly finding the previous owners still have control over the home's embedded devices. But that's not all. Privacy concerns around connected toys have once again made headlines, as some consumer and privacy groups call for regulatory investigations into potential privacy issues. In this post for Privacy Tech, Ryan Chiavetta looks at these recent stories to uncover some trends in the IoT world, while pointing toward some tips for privacy pros working with IoT products.  Read More

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Podcast: Zoladz on how to get ready for GDPR and where many firms are falling short

(Feb 24, 2017) In this episode of The Privacy Advisor Podcast, Chris Zoladz, CIPP/E, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, CIPM, CIPT, of Navigate talks about what he’s seeing on the ground as he advises clients who’re aiming to comply with the GDPR as its effective date rapidly approaches. Zoladz says based on his experience, organizations are largely not going to be completely compliant by May 2018, in part due to budget cycles. He also describes how to be strategic about big data and the GDPR’s new consent requirements. A big p... Read More

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Privacy Shield? Let's talk about it

(Feb 24, 2017) While the Article 29 Working Party, and others, may have questions about the foundations of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework, it has thus far weathered a variety of storms, and even been joined by the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield. In fact, more than 1,700 organizations are now actively participating and using the framework to transfer data from the EU to the United States. Looking to learn more? Want to talk it out? The IAPP has you covered. Those of you who've already registered for the sold-o... Read More

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Cloudflare bug exposes private data

(Feb 24, 2017) A bug discovered in Cloudflare's software earlier in February accidentally exposed data like private messages on dating sites, frames from adult sites, and hotel bookings, BBC News reports. "Unfortunately, it was the ancient piece of software that contained a latent security problem and that problem only showed up as we were in the process of migrating away from it," said Cloudflare Chief Operating Officer John Graham-Cumming. The company has since fixed the issue, and Graham-Cumming said he wasn't worried that the exposed data was misused. "I am not changing any of my passwords," he said. "I think the probability that somebody saw something is so low it's not something I am concerned about." Read More

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Cellebrite announces product that can crack locked phones

(Feb 24, 2017) CyberScoop reports Cellebrite has announced its Advanced Investigative Service tool can "unlock and extract" locked iPhones' full file system, including those from the 6 and the 6+. “These capabilities dramatically increase law enforcement’s ability to access critical digital evidence and solve cases faster, by providing forensically sound access and extraction capabilities not found anywhere else in the industry,” the company said. “Furthermore, we now make the world’s first ‘decrypted physical... Read More

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ICDPPC newsletter talks to DPAs from around the globe

(Feb 24, 2017) The February edition of the International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners Secretariat Communique focuses on the important developments in the privacy world, as well as forthcoming events, awards and projects. Another particular theme is global teamwork. "As we have discussed many times, one of the best ways we can succeed as an international body is to share information about what works," said New Zealand Privacy Commissioner John Edwards. "The aphorism 'a rising tide r... Read More

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Eric Heath named new Ancestry CPO

(Feb 24, 2017) Consumer genomics organization Ancestry has appointed Eric Heath as its new chief privacy officer, satPRnews reports. Heath had previously held a position at Zenefits, led the Privacy Policy and Data Governance team at Yahoo, and was LinkedIn’s Global Privacy lead. Heath’s role at Ancestry will be to work with teams across the company to develop its privacy program and to ensure it is meeting regulatory requirements across the world. Ancestry CEO Tim Sullivan said, “Ancestry has built on customer trust for decades, and this trust has enabled transformative moments for millions of people who now understand more deeply who they are and where they came from. Eric’s appointment reaffirms our longstanding commitment to nurturing that trust.” Read More

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Stealth privacy startup receives $4M in seed funding

(Feb 24, 2017) A stealth-stage startup aiming to allow users to “regain control” of their personal data received $4 million in seed funding, despite not having an official product, TechCrunch reports. Privacy Labs, founded by CEO Giri Sreenivas and Chief Technology Officer Dirk Sigurdson, describes itself as creating products for individuals to “take back their data and reclaim their privacy and security,” the report states. “The thing we learned from spending a lot of time with people is that they are increas... Read More

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Markey, public interest groups continue to fight for FCC broadband rules

(Feb 24, 2017) Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., and five public interest groups continue to voice their opposition of the attempts to repeal the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband privacy rules, Broadcasting & Cable reports. The groups include Public Knowledge, Free Press, Color of Change, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Consumers Union. Markey and the groups are rallying against Republican lawmakers’ push to overturn the FCC rules using the Congressional Review Act. "If a measure is passed unde... Read More

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