(Sep 3, 2015) “As healthcare organizations continue to collect more and more patient data across the spectrum of care, there is a rapidly growing need to access and use this treasure trove of data to solve some of healthcare’s most challenging problems,” writes Privacy Analytics Vice President of Professional Services Geordie Chester. Big data research has the capability of helping to solve some of healthcare’s most pressing issues, he writes, but ensuring patient privacy is protected and that secondary use i... Read More

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Will Guidelines Help Wearables Gain Consumer Trust?

(Sep 3, 2015) Wearables are in demand: Some estimates exceed more than $100 billion in annual sales by 2018. Fitness trackers and other wearable devices help chronicle daily steps, monitor sleep and track other useful data—providing obvious benefits for users looking to improve their health and productivity. Privacy and security experts worry, however, that this immense amount of extremely personal data could end up in the wrong hands. In this exclusive for The Privacy Advisor, Anura Fernando looks at what can be done. Read More

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GPEN Finds Apps Collecting Kids’ Info

(Sep 3, 2015) After examining almost 1,500 apps and websites aimed at children, the Global Privacy Enforcement Network found 67 percent harvest personal information with only 31 percent employing controls, Tech Crunch reports. Adam Scott of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office said, “The attitude shown by a number of these websites and apps suggested little regard for how anyone’s personal information should be handled, let alone that of children.” Though Canadian Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien note... Read More

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Regulators Warn of FTC, FCC Internet Clash

(Sep 3, 2015) Republican commissioners from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) warn the FCC’s move into the FTC’s Internet privacy jurisdiction under Title II of the Communications Act will lead to excessive enforcement and uncertainty for Internet service providers, Law360 reports. FTC Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen and FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai expressed their concerns Wednesday at an event hosted by the Federalist Society. Ohlhausen characterized the issue as... Read More

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DHHS Settles with Cancer Care Group for $750,000

(Sep 3, 2015) In a settlement with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) over potential HIPAA violations, Cancer Care Group has agreed to pay $750,000 and adopt a “robust corrective action plan to correct deficiencies in its HIPAA compliance program,” according to a DHHS press release. The settlement follows a breach three years ago after an unencrypted server backup and laptop were stolen from the car of an employee of the oncology practice. Meanwhile, the Association of American Physicians and ... Read More

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AOL Buys Millennial Media

(Sep 3, 2015) In a deal valued at about $238 million, Verizon-owned AOL has purchased the “mobile-focused ad tech” Millennial Media, Business Insider reports. "AOL is well positioned as consumers spend more and more time on mobile devices, and as advertisers, agencies and publishers become more reliant on programmatic monetization tools,” said AOL President Bod Lord. Millennial Media has a mobile ad network that spans more than 65,000 apps and includes about one billion users around the world, the report stat... Read More

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Plaintiffs May Settle Sony Suit

(Sep 3, 2015) The nine Sony Pictures Entertainment employees suing the company post-breach have reached a settlement with the studio, Reuters reports, noting details of the settlement have not been made public. “The former workers, who had sought class-action status on the suit, had said Sony's negligence caused them economic harm by forcing them to beef up credit monitoring to address their greater risk of identity theft,” the report states. Sony had previously asked a judge to dismiss the case, but that request was later denied. The plaintiffs have a deadline of October 19 “to submit a motion for preliminary approval of the proposed settlement case,” the report states, and “Sony has declined to comment on the settlement.” Read More

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Donor Info Pilfered in Breach

(Sep 3, 2015) The Heritage Foundation was breached by as-of-yet unidentified assailants, who stole “sensitive emails” and donor information and allegedly posted the documents online, Politico reports. "We experienced a malicious, unauthorized data breach of six-year-old documents on an external server that appear to contain personal information of private donors, who we are notifying,” said a foundation spokesman. The authenticity of the files circulated online has not been verified, the report states. The foundation’s “internal servers were not part of this breach, and we have taken—and will continue to take—all appropriate steps to ensure that our members have the ability to support public policy organizations free from intimidation,” the spokesman said. Read More

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Senior Leadership and the Post-Hack Blame-Game

(Sep 3, 2015) In the wake of the Ashley Madison hack, corporate leadership must continue to grow wise to the gravity of data incidents and the reality that when breaches occur, the blame usually falls on them, V3 reports. “What was a PR nightmare for the company also turned into a PR nightmare for the CEO,” the report states, noting Ashley Madison’s former CEO “now finds his name on a growing list of people previously in high-profile positions ousted as a direct result of a hack.” The report includes a look at the fallout from a 2011 case, suggesting the “trend is that people in high-level positions in every sector are being held directly accountable for cyber breaches.” Read More

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Manjoo: Hacking Victims Shouldn’t Be Ridiculed

(Sep 3, 2015) In a column for The New York Times, Farhad Manjoo writes about the work of Troy Hunt, who runs a site called “Have I Been Pwned?” that aims to help individuals find out whether they are victims of data breaches. For many victims, Manjoo points out, there is limited damage, but for others, the exposure could plunge them “into the depths of despair.” Victims of incidents like the Ashley Madison hack “deserve our sympathy and aid” because with “slightly different luck, you or I could just as easily... Read More

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