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(Feb 22, 2017) The Federal Trade Commission announced it has reached settlements in three different cases involving companies deceiving consumers about their participation in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Cross-Border Privacy Rules system. The FTC alleged Sentinel Labs, Inc., SpyChatter, Inc., and Vir2us Inc., all falsely claimed in their privacy policies that they participated in the framework. The complaints state the companies never received APEC CBPR certification and never underwent a review with ... Read More

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Former ONC for Health IT CPO Lucia Savage joins Omada Health

(Feb 22, 2017) Omada Health announced former Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT Chief Privacy Officer Lucia Savage has joined the health care organization as its new chief privacy and regulatory officer, MedCity News reports. Savage will be in charge of heading Omada’s regulatory strategy and working to ensure the privacy and security of patients’ personal health data, according to an Omada news release. Savage will also help coordinate the integration of Omada’s program with electronic medical r... Read More

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Survey: 26 percent of US consumers had health care data compromised

(Feb 22, 2017) An Accenture survey found 26 percent of 2,000 U.S. consumers have had their health care information exposed in a data breach, SC Magazine reports. Of those compromised, 36 percent said it happened at a hospital, with 22 percent stating the breach occurred either at an urgent care clinic or a pharmacy. The study found half the victims detected the breach on their own, normally through anomalies on their credit card statements. Only a third of the victims were alerted by the organization suffering... Read More

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Get some help boosting your career

(Feb 22, 2017) Recently on the IAPP Privacy List, one discussion has centered on the Mobius strip that is needing experience to get the job, but needing the job to get experience. We've all been there. The good news is, research shows there will be plenty of need for privacy professionals in the coming years. The other good news is that the IAPP is here to support you with insight on the profession and resources to help you better your chances of getting the job and growing your career. In the IAPP Resource Center, the Building Your Career page has a list of colleges and universities with privacy curricula, potential interview questions, sample job descriptions, salary surveys, and articles and insights from experts, and of course, a link to the job board. Click the full story link to get there. (IAPP member login required.) Read More

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IAPP's Hughes on the future of privacy at RSA

(Feb 22, 2017) During last week's RSA Conference in San Francisco, California, IAPP President & CEO J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP, gave a featured presentation on the history and future of privacy. "I want to share with you how central privacy is to the human condition and how important privacy is to those fundamental human rights that we all hold so dear," he said during his opening remarks. In addition to charting out the future of privacy, Hughes uses art as a vehicle because, by doing so, "it opens up your ability to understand the complexity of this issue," he said. Starting with the apple first eaten by Adam and Eve all the way through to the modern tech giant, Apple, and its privacy battle with the FBI, Hughes lays out a nuanced way of understanding the complex and changing notions of privacy in society.  Read More

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FTC investigates auto lender's GPS-tracking 'kill switches'

(Feb 22, 2017) Ars Technica reports the Federal Trade Commission is investigating an auto lender that requires borrowers of subprime loans to attach GPS starter-interrupter devices, also known as kill switches, on purchased vehicles. The devices can constantly monitor the location of the vehicles and shut the car off and prevent it from being started, making repossession easier. In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Michigan's Credit Acceptance Corp. said it had received a civil investigative demand from the FTC. According to the report, there are approximately 2 million kill switches attached to vehicles around the country. The FTC's investigation will likely focus on whether drivers are given adequate notice that they're being tracked and whether that is an acceptable business practice.   Read More

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What makes a great DPA?

(Feb 22, 2017) The global population of privacy and data protection regulators is understandably diverse. Some data protection agencies are still in their infancy, established by brand-new laws. Others have robust histories of enforcement and deep, experienced staffs. But what makes a regulatory agency effective? Is it experience, approach, philosophy, the law that creates it? Such are the questions explored in a new report authored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Hunton & Williams, "Seeking Solutions: Attributes of Effective Data Protection Authorities." The 40-page white paper identifies seven key traits that effective DPAs share and offers examples of how those traits play out in the real world.  Read More

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EPIC handed FBI's PIAs and threshold analyses in FOIA request

(Feb 22, 2017) The Electronic Privacy Information Center was handed two legal victories Tuesday involving public access to the FBI's record-keeping systems and their impact on privacy, POLITICO reports. EPIC originally filed the Freedom of Information Act requests in 2014 seeking the FBI's privacy impact assessments and privacy threshold analyses of its databases containing personal information. The agency handed EPIC approximately 2,200 pages of "heavily" redacted pages on grounds they involved sensitive inve... Read More

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India to share world’s largest biometric database with tech firms

(Feb 22, 2017) The Wall Street Journal reports on India’s efforts to create the world’s largest biometric identity database and share that data with tech companies. The initiative, known as “India Stack,” is designed to standardize the exchange of digital data to help tech firms, health care providers, and app developers transfer official documents to help citizens get jobs, make financial transactions, and access government services, but the database has caught the eye of privacy advocates. “It’s the worst time for privacy policy in the country,” said Centre for Internet and Privacy Executive Director Sunil Abraham. “We are very caught up in technological exuberance. Techno-utopians are ruling the roost.” (Registration may be required to access this story.)  Read More

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New Teddy Ruxpin allows kids to interact with doll using smartphone app

(Feb 22, 2017) Engadget takes a look at the revamped Teddy Ruxpin and the different features added to bring the famous '80s doll into the 21st century. Among the notable changes are the way Teddy Ruxpin reads stories to children. Instead of using cassette tapes and books, children can follow along with the stories using an iOS or Android app. The app can connect to the doll using Bluetooth, but is not required for children to use the toy. For parents to get more stories for the Teddy Ruxpin, they will need to plug the doll into their computer via USB, and then download them from the website. Privacy concerns about internet-connected dolls have made headlines in recent weeks.  Read More

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