(Jul 28, 2016) Given the new and challenging requirements of the GDPR that will be enacted soon, companies and organizations doing business globally need to think hard about how to best implement efficient and effective data handling practices that are replicable and consistent. As a privacy professional responsible for overseeing these operations, what tools will you use, and how do you determine what privacy impacts your new products and services will have? A privacy impact assessment is the perfect tool to document and track these new initiatives, but it can be a complicated and challenging project to launch. Join “PIAs and Data Mapping – Operationalizing GDPR and Privacy by Design” on Aug. 24 for a virtual discussion. Read More

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Moens: Should privacy pros be concerned about blockchain?

(Jul 28, 2016) Blockchain has been a topic of much discussion in recent years, and organizations around the world have jumped at potentially using what could be a helpful tool in online transactions. As Information Integrity Solutions Deputy Managing Director Annelies Moens, CIPT, points out, “The technology is being talked about everywhere, but how new is it, and do we really understand it?” In this post for Privacy Tech, Moens provides a primer on the hot technology while discussing what privacy pros should know about blockchain and its privacy implications. Read More

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Overview of proposed national security laws

(Jul 28, 2016) A few weeks ago, the government of Canada introduced three bills in Parliament dealing with national security issues. One bill proposes a new National Security and Intelligence Committee for greater oversight of the intelligence community and the other proposals aim to continue strengthening Canada-U.S. cooperation at the border. Timothy Banks, CIPM, CIPP/C, writes for Privacy Tracker about these bills, including the authority of the proposed committee and whether the new legislation will set the stage for expanded biometric screening of individuals heading from Canada into the U.S. (IAPP member login required.) Read More

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Formerly of NAI, Rosenthal takes CPO job at Epsilon

(Jul 28, 2016) When Noga Rosenthal, CIPP/US, looks at Epsilon, she sees the future of the advertising industry, she said: "I see where we're going." That's why, three weeks ago, she started her gig as Epsilon's chief privacy officer, leaving behind her stint as general counsel and vice president for compliance and policy at the Network Advertising Initiative. In this exclusive for The Privacy Advisor, Rosenthal talks to Angelique Carson, CIPP/US, about her decision to make the jump and the challenges the advertising industry faces. Read More

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Privacy advocates ask FTC to investigate ‘Pokemon Go’ creator

(Jul 28, 2016) The Electronic Privacy Information Center is requesting the Federal Trade Commission investigate Niantic, Inc., the creator of “Pokemon Go,” EdScoop reports. The privacy advocacy group wrote a letter to the FTC alleging the app captures and stores information of its users, including children, in violation of federal privacy laws. “We want the FTC to establish concrete limits on the amount of information “Pokemon Go” is collecting and how long they are keeping it,” EPIC Consumer Protection Counse... Read More

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Op-ed: Organizations need to be mindful of PII and the VPPA

(Jul 28, 2016) In an op-ed for Bloomberg BNA, D. Reed Freeman, CIPP/US, and Joseph Jerome, CIPP/US, discuss how personally identifiable information has influenced the Video Privacy Protection Act. “A recent decision by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, however, not only throws into question how PII may be understood, but also threatens to create a circuit split should any other circuit court tackle whether the definition of PII includes anonymous identifiers, geolocation data and element... Read More

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North Korea accused of hacking 10M South Korean shoppers

(Jul 28, 2016) South Korea is alleging hackers from North Korea breached one of its online shopping sites, Reuters reports. Interpark Corp said the attack occurred in May, when hackers stole the personal records of more than 10 million shoppers. South Korea’s national police agency said the data breach was traced back to North Korea’s spy agency, detecting the same IP address used in previous cyberattacks. The South Korean police said the hacker used terminology used in North Korea, and rarely seen in the south, as the hacker sent emails demanding a bitcoin payment after the attack. Interpark said no payoff was made. North Korea has denied involvement in the breach. Read More

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Op-ed: DOJ’s data-sharing proposal a good thing for privacy

(Jul 28, 2016) The Department of Justice’s proposed data-sharing plan is not a threat to privacy as some critics make it out to be, Melanie Teplinksy and Jennifer Daskal contend in an op-ed for The Christian Science Monitor Passcode. The plan would protect privacy by cutting through the extended “red tape” process that officials sometimes attempt to circumvent with surveillance and other ethically dubious methods to obtain data, they write. “This is a much-needed piece of legislation,” they continue. “If adopt... Read More

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Comey: FBI, tech groups talking privacy, encryption

(Jul 28, 2016) At the International Conference on Cyber Security in Washington on July 27, FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI was engaged in various cybersecurity and privacy discussions with unspecified tech companies, The Wall Street Journal reports. Encryption is a hot topic in these discussions, the report states. “We are moving to a place where wide swaths of American life are absolutely private,” Comey said. “The FBI should not tell people what the answer is. Neither should companies. We have to have a conversation in this country about where we want to be.” (Registration may be required to access this story.) Read More

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Anti-domestic violence group, Twitter release harassment protection guide

(Jul 28, 2016) The National Network to End Domestic Violence has released “Safety & Privacy on Twitter: A Guide for Survivors of Harassment and Abuse,” a guideline published “with the support of Twitter,” the group announced in a press release. “This new guide walks through a number of safety tips to help users control their privacy and explains several features to ensure that users are making informed decisions on how they use Twitter,” the report states. The release pushes back against the notion that th... Read More

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