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Notes from the IAPP Publications Editor, June 15, 2018

Jedidiah Bracy, CIPP/E, CIPP/US
Greetings from Portsmouth, NH! Summer is nearly upon us and high school seniors across the country are donning their caps and gowns, set for a new path as young adults. Perhaps some of them are your sons and daughters. I wish them well and hope they can help shape a positive future for all of us. ...
FPF opens tech policy institute in Israel
When deciding to choose where to open its first regional office, the Future of Privacy Forum considered New York and Silicon Valley but decided to set up shop in a country that has quickly become a hot spot for privacy-related activity. The FPF recently launched the Israel Tech Policy Institute, a p...
Algorithmic accountability and the GDPR
There has been a lively debate in the academic community of late about whether data subjects under the EU General Data Protection Regulation have a "right to explanation" of automated decisions made about them. On one side, some contend that no such right exists under the GDPR; instead, there is a "...
Arizona passes data breach law
A new data breach law will hold businesses accountable for data breaches in Arizona, ABC15 Arizona reports. Authored by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and introduced by Representative T.J. Shope, the law is set to take effect in August. Under the new requirements, the law will raise the maxi...
NY expected to pass nonconsensual pornography bill
After years of debates, revisions and lobbying efforts, New York is ready to pass a nonconsensual pornography bill, the New York Post reports. Introduced by New York Assemblyman Ed Braunstein, D-Bayside, in 2013, the bill would make the nonconsensual dissemination of sexually explicit images a misde...