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Notes from the IAPP, Sept. 21, 2018

Sam Pfeifle
Greetings from Gray, Maine! My wife and children have been wearing fitness trackers for a few years now. It started because the hospital Dr. Pfeifle (it's a Doctorate in Audiology, but good enough for me) works at offered an incentive: Track your steps and win prizes. For the whole family. My wife,...
Podcast: His job is to staff the privacy industry
A few years back, Zachary Plotkin was grabbing a coffee, as one does. When he went to swipe his credit card, a chief privacy officer who happened to be standing nearby asked him, "Hey, do you know where that data goes?" Thinking about it for a moment, Plotkin realized: No, he didn't. That began Plot...
Sens. raise concerns at hearing on fintech regulation
As the U.S. Senate Banking Committee continues to examine how to regulate the fintech industry, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., urged the government to move on a regulatory approach and encourage productive innovation but warned that customers need to be protected from unnecessary risks, ThinkAdviso...
Report implicates UK in Belgium telecom hacking
A source close to the matter revealed a confidential report by Belgian investigators was submitted to the office of Justice Minister Koen Geens that details how British intelligence services hacked Belgacom at the request of the U.S., AFP reports. Belgacom, Belgium's state-owned telecom company, han...
EDPB plenary preview at DPI: Deutschland
No doubt these are busy times for privacy practitioners, but they're not the only ones who've been immersed in work since May 25. That was clear Wednesday when Isabelle Vereecken, head of the EDPB Secretariat at the European Data Protection Board, and Bas van Bockel, head of Department of Internatio...