Following privacy and data protection legislation through the process, into law, and into future court interpretations.
Global News Roundup — June 11–18, 2018
Molly Hulefeld
India awaits a new data protection law that would regulate how tech giants operate within the country, serving to rein in how companies collect, aggregate, store and process Indian user data. Lawmakers in Vietnam recently passed a cybersecurity law mandating new requirements for service providers th...
Singapore’s gig economy poses novel data protection issues
In his speech on March 6, 2017, Singapore’s then Minister for Manpower commented that: “[F]acilitated by technology, we can expect the gig economy to keep growing.” The gig economy encapsulates an online labour- or capital-sharing platform economy where individuals work under flexible arrangements...
Global News Roundup — June 4–11, 2018
Molly Hulefeld
The European Data Protection Supervisor has published a preliminary opinion on the principle of privacy by design. The Australian government has drafted legislation that would force tech companies to give Australian security agencies access to encrypted data. In India, lawyers and policy analysts in...
Takeaways from the 11th Circuit FTC vs. LabMD decision
Kirk Nahra, CIPP/US
The Federal Trade Commission’s saga with LabMD began in August of 2013. Someone will write an interesting book about the twists and turns of this enforcement action. Maybe it will be better as a movie — plot twists, multiple sub-plots, changing narratives, interesting characters and a lot of David a...
In-vehicle emergency call systems in Turkey
Begüm Yavuzdogan Okumus
In-vehicle emergency call systems, which have been in use for a long time, are defined as systems within vehicles activated either automatically or manually that establish a connection with 112 emergency call centers in cases of an emergency. Legislation regulating in-vehicle emergency call systems...
Global News Roundup — May 28–June 4, 2018
Molly Hulefeld
The European Data Protection Supervisor has published a preliminary opinion on the principle of privacy by design, aiming to raise awareness of "data protection by design and by default." India's health ministry has proposed a new law giving individuals control over their health data. In New Zealand...
Global News Roundup — May 21–28, 2018
Molly Hulefeld
The EU General Data Protection Regulation went into effect and with it, NOYB.EU filed legal complaints against Google, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp over how they obtain consent. Belgium's Privacy Commission is now named the Data Protection Authority and has increased powers. The Chilean Senate u...