Dutch government introduces GDPR Implementation Bill

Jeroen Terstegge, CIPP/E, CIPP/US
On Dec. 13, the Dutch government sent the GDPR Implementation Bill to the Parliament. The bill, which was long expected, supplements the EU General Data Protection Regulation with regard to personal data that are processed by automated means or which form part of a filing system and insofar as those...
Council of the EU weighs in on ePrivacy processing
Sam Pfeifle
As the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union wraps up this month, it put forward a new draft of the pending ePrivacy Regulation, which was considered at the Council's WP TELE meeting held Dec. 11. While it is a new consolidated draft, with many deviations from the initial Commissi...
Global News Roundup — December 4-11, 2017
Emily Leach, CIPP/US
The Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that in some circumstances text messages may be considered private even after they’ve been sent, plus Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien has weighed in on both the Liberal government’s security bill and a border pre-clearance bill. Germany’s Free Democratic Par...
Global News Roundup — November 27 - December 4, 2017
Emily Leach, CIPP/US
In this week’s Privacy Tracker legislative roundup, get an update on the progress of the committee determining India’s future privacy regime. The Italian Parliament has approved regulation allowing telecommunication operators to retain telephone and internet data for up to six years. The U.K. is ack...
Global News Roundup — November 20-27, 2017
Emily Leach, CIPP/US
In this week’s Privacy Tracker weekly roundup, read about moves to implement the EU General Data Protection Regulation in Iceland, Latvia and Norway. In Jamaica, the Parliament is considering a new data protection bill meaning new requirements for businesses. Australia’s government has introduced a ...
Global News Roundup — November 13-20, 2017
Emily Leach, CIPP/US
In response to public comments, the Singapore Ministry of Communications and Information and the Cyber Security Agency announced they will clarify the scope of the new Cybersecurity Bill prior to introducing it. Australia’s NSW Labor party has introduced a bill requiring government agencies to repor...