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Guys, we all need to put a stop to the ‘manel’

Jeffrey Kosseff, CIPP/US
I love to speak at conferences, which is a good thing because I’m a cybersecurity law professor. And the growing cybersecurity and privacy field has a lot of conferences. In stuffy hotel conference rooms, grand university lecture halls, and sterile corporate meeting centers, we have conferences.  I...
Privacy in 2018: Expect the unexpected
Eduardo Ustaran, CIPP/E
Making predictions for the year ahead is possibly as desirable as unreliable. In a world of unlimited data and advanced science, it would be tempting to think that the future is already written. Algorithms and artificial intelligence will show us what lies ahead with immaculate accuracy. Or perhaps ...
On building an internet of safe and useful things
Anna Johnston
With the booming market for voice-controlled virtual personal assistant devices like Google’s Home and Amazon’s Echo, and warnings from the former head of MI5 about hackable smart toilets (which, frankly, doesn’t scare me quite as much as a hackable Boeing 757), the attention of regulators is finall...
Privacy in 2017: A year in review
Jedidiah Bracy, CIPP/E, CIPP/US
A year ago on this blog, while reflecting on the year in privacy for 2016, I wrapped things up by saying that 2017 would be a busy year for privacy pros. I think it's safe to say that came true.   Top of mind, of course, is the nearly universal effort to ramp up for the EU General Data Protection R...
Consumer injury and the challenge of IoT data security
Christin McMeley, CIPP/US and Chris Savage, CIPP/US, CIPT
The FTC is hosting a workshop on “informational injury,” asking about the “qualitatively different types of injuries” consumers experience “from privacy and data security incidents." Last September, the FTC received one court’s views on this issue when it dismissed an FTC claim against D-Link, a ma...
Could the GDPR help lower insurance costs?
Alex Gleusteen, CIPP/E
In the Netherlands there are a wide range of insurances, and they generally concern goods, capital or people. In case the insured object is a natural person, for some insurances, the payment depends on the health or death of that person. Examples are life and disability insurance. Part of the accept...
Dummy Christmas CCTV camera for kids is a real lump of coal
Ryan Chiavetta, CIPP/US
'Twas several weeks before Christmas, and Twitter I did check When I saw a product for children, that was absolute dreck It’s the holiday season, and along with the glut of holiday specials, eggnog, and throwing away the lousy Yankee Swap gift (it's a New England thing, look it up) you were stuck w...
Reading the tea leaves in Carpenter v US
Lee Matheson, CIPP/E, CIPP/US
On Nov. 29, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in what is sure to be one of the most important Fourth Amendment decisions in decades: Carpenter v. United States. The gist of the question before the Court is whether the government can acquire cell-site location data without a warran...
Facebook’s 'nude photo' trial risks too much exposure
Isabel Tseng
A few weeks ago, Facebook announced it would be asking Australian users to upload intimate photos of themselves. The idea is a trial “Non-Consensual Intimate Image Pilot” program to prevent intimate images from being shared without consent on the internet. It is a refreshing change from the nefariou...