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Five questions every DPO should ask before being hired
Jeroen Terstegge, CIPP/E, CIPP/US
With about 75,000 data protection officers needed worldwide because of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (and probably more), many organizations are still looking for one. Much is said about the tasks of the DPO and its position under the GDPR, but what should the DPO be looking for in a job...
GDPR harmonization: Reality or myth?
David Bender
One primary goal in the EU's enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation was to “harmonize,” or bring into conformity with each other, the data protection laws of the 28 EU member states. Harmonization was also one of the main purposes for enacting the EU Data Protection Directive, which ser...
A letter to the unsung hero of the GDPR
Bojana Bellamy, CIPP/E
Dear data protection officer (or chief privacy officer, privacy counsel, privacy director, etcetera — however your organization calls you): You may not read this letter immediately, as you are still heads-down on implementing the EU General Data Protection Regulation in your organization. I want yo...
GDPR Day 1: Reflections on what the heck just happened
J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP
The GDPR compliance deadline has now passed. Bells did not ring. No confetti dropped. No parades celebrated the day. People who don’t work in privacy might even be forgiven for having no idea that anything important happened on May 25. Yet, important things have indeed happened. There will certain...
Why can’t the courts get wrong-number cases right?
Peggy Daley, CIPP/US
If you have a telephone, once in a blue moon you receive a wrong-number call. Typically, the encounter is brief: "Sorry, wrong number," a quick apology, and everyone goes their separate ways. Anyone with a recently issued cellular number, however, experiences a more intrusive situation. Misdirected ...
The Irish DPC is fit: A response to Shaw
Omer Tene
With GDPR going into force in two weeks, many eyes are turned to European data protection authorities, whose mandate and powers will be greatly expanded. In a Privacy Perspectives piece yesterday, Thomas Shaw questioned the credibility and competence of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner. While ...
Is the Irish DPC fit for purpose?
Thomas Shaw, CIPP/E, CIPP/US
The EU is supposed to have the most rigorous data protection laws in the world. With the EU General Data Protection Regulation, ePrivacy Directive (and the proposed ePrivacy Regulation), Police and Criminal Justice Directive, and Network and Information Security Directive, all new or recently revise...