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Are all these GDPR-consent emails even necessary?

In what appears to be panic mode, thousands of companies are pinging mailing lists to get affirmative opt-in consent from data subjects, ostensibly to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. In particular, companies that don’t have clear documentation about how they acquired consent i...
Op-ed: Malvertising will win under GDPR
In an article for MediaPost, Kean Graham writes that with the EU General Data Protection Regulation just days away, the real winner will be malvertisers who will now be able to target EU users who have not opted in during this flurry of consent emails. With the ad tech industry impacted by the GDPR,...
Microsoft to offer global DSAR rights ahead of GDPR
Ahead of the EU General Data Protection Regulation implementation date, Microsoft outlined the steps it is taking to address the upcoming rules. The company announced it will be extending GDPR data subject access rights to its users all over the world, which can be discovered through Microsoft’s pri...