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EDPB releases agenda for latest meeting
The European Data Protection Board has released the agenda for its fourth plenary scheduled to take place Friday. The EDPB plans to discuss and update on Brexit and the EDPB rules after the European Economic Area agreement. The EDPB also seeks to tackle the second annual review of the EU-U.S. Privac...
How big data and AI can spur global development goals
As U.N. member states adopted the 2030 Agenda in 2015 and embraced the use of data to spur global development, a report for The Brookings Institution looks at the challenge of accessing high-quality, timely, accessible data in the countries most in need of development and how big data and artificial...
Researchers create fingerprint 'master key'
Researchers have created fake fingerprints, known as DeepMasterPrints, to serve as a master key in bypassing fingerprint ID systems, Motherboard reports. Pulling from more than 6,000 individuals, the team fed real fingerprints into a machine-learning algorithm that then developed a master key that c...