(Nov 20, 2015) In a panel discussion at the IAPP Data Protection Intensive 2015, Promontory’s John Bowman, CIPP/E, Hunton & Williams’ Rosemary Jay, LEGO’s Max Sorensen, CIPP/E, and Privacy International’s Anna Fielder talk about the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation. “We’ll be looking ahead to see if there’s any key things which we can develop, maybe give a flavor of what the final text might look like, certainly looking into the crystal ball,” Bowman said. “The regulation is definitely coming,” he added. Read More

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French PM Urges EU To Share Flight Info Post-Attacks

(Nov 19, 2015) After the terrorist attacks on Paris and the discovery of a potential threat involving “chemical or biological weapons,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls exhorted the European Union to permit flight passenger information sharing, NDTV reports. "We must not rule anything out," Valls said. "More than ever, it's time for Europe to adopt the text ... to guarantee the traceability of movements, including within the union. It's a condition of our collective security," he added. Read More

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Nike Makes Changes Following Regulator’s Findings

(Nov 19, 2015) The Dutch privacy authority says Nike has been collecting too much of its customers’ personal information without consent, Telecompaper reports. Following an investigation, the authority said the Nike+ Running app’s combination of GPS data and height and weight, which the app uses to calculate calories burned, constitutes sensitive personal health information. As a result, Nike European Operations Netherlands made some changes: users need not give their height and weight details and Nike has agreed to gather consent from users in coming months. Read More

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CNIL Fines Optical Center 50,000 Euro as ICO Makes Enforcement Promise

(Nov 19, 2015) After a series of audits found that Optical Center did not adequately protect its customers’ data, the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) fined the company 50,000 Euro, the Hunton & Williams’ Privacy Blog reports. “In its decision, the CNIL noted that Optical Center did not secure the homepage on which web users log into their online accounts or the web page on which users change their passwords,” nor did the company foster respect for user privacy in employees, th... Read More

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Commissioner Dissatisfied with Draft Law

(Nov 19, 2015) The Serbian Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection (Poverenik) has issued a press release criticizing the Ministry of Justice’s draft of a new Law on Personal Data Protection. The Poverenik says many of the recommendations it made in its version of the draft law were disregarded. “In general, it is quite obvious that the Poverenik’s version of the draft law deals with many issues with a greater degree of detail as compared to the government’s draft law,” said attorney Uros Popovic. For example, the Poverenik’s version contains 30 more articles than the government’s and contains provisions on biometric data, video surveillance and direct marketing, reports Privacy This Week. Read More

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Smart Car Hack Demonstrated

(Nov 19, 2015) At the Black Hat Europe conference, Security Innovation’s Jonathan Petit presented his paper “Fooling Sensors and Tracking Drivers,” which details both how inexpensive and uncomplicated it is to hack into a smart car and the privacy risks that these automobiles pose by not properly securing location data, Computer World reports. “Fooling camera-based systems is easy and cheap,” Petit said, disclosing that one could buy $60 of equipment off the shelf and hack into a car system, the report added. That’s not the only problem. “To enable cooperative awareness, vehicles continually broadcast messages containing their location,” Petit said. “These messages can be received by anyone, jeopardizing location privacy.” Read More

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Democracy: Film Shows Government in Data Protection Action

(Nov 19, 2015) Data protection reform takes the cinematic spotlight in David Bernet’s newest offering, Democracy, a film that follows Germany Green MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht and a host of supporting players through the trials and tribulations that befell them on the march toward data protection legislation revision. “This is something different,” Bernet said of the film’s perspective. “This is not a report, this is not news, this is really offering you an experience from a different quality,” he added. “Hopefully, too, it draws a wider audience to the critical importance of data protection and the conflicts that surround it.” Read More

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Fingers Point at Snowden After Paris Attacks

(Nov 19, 2015) In the wake of the terrorist attacks on Paris, an anti-Edward Snowden clamor grows as critics blame his revelations and exhortations in favor of encryption for allowing the perpetrators to succeed without detection, The Daily Dot reports. "Commentary from terror expert on CNN: 'The terrorists have read Snowden. They know not to use their phones. We cannot predict anything now,'" the Independent Journal's Benny Johnson tweeted. His tweet comes on the heels of a Yahoo! Tech report that alleges the... Read More

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Notes from the IAPP Europe Managing Director, November 20, 2015

(Nov 19, 2015) Greetings from Brussels! This has been a very dark week for Europe following the terror attacks in Paris last Friday. I have just returned from Paris, where I was awestruck by the collective sense of unity across the city in the aftermath of the weekend’s chaos. Accompanied by Mindy Moore, the IAPP director of events, we participated in the Paris KnowledgeNet and were moved by the strong turnout of our members and their determination to stand strong in the face of fear and prevailing sense of s... Read More

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Safe Harbor Naming Contest: The Final Round

(Nov 19, 2015) Since the IAPP announced its contest to find a better name than “Safe Harbor 2.0” for the data-transfer agreement currently being hammered out by the EU and U.S. governments in the wake of Schrems, we’ve received nearly 100 submissions. Some of the submissions have been, um, stronger than others. Some of you played around with acronyms, and, no, we’re not going to select “Safe Harbor Information Trail” as a winner. We see what you did there. And Safe Transfer of Personal Information Through Negotiated Settlement Agreement (STOP IT NSA) seems a bit one-sided. But there were some good ones, and we’ve narrowed down our top five picks. Now, we need you to vote. We’ll recommend your pick to the Department of Commerce and the European Commission. Read More

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