(Jul 21, 2016) Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission delivered new guidelines to businesses for disposing personal information, The Straits Times reports. The guidelines state papers that reveal personal information must be shredded in at least two different directions, and cannot be placed in unsecured dumpsters. The commission also said data stored on electronic devices such as hard disks, USB drives or DVDs need to be deleted using specialized software to avoid data leaks. The guidelines come as the commission and the Monetary Authority of Singapore conduct an investigation on United Overseas Bank for allegedly leaving intact client documents in a trash bag at Boat Quay. Read More

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OAIC asks for public comment on big data draft guide

(Jul 21, 2016) The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner is looking for public comment on a draft guide on big data, Image & Data Manager reports. The OAIC Draft Guide aims to assist big data activities across public and private sectors, while ensuring personal information is protected under the Australian Privacy Principles. In order to have a balance between big data use and privacy protection, the Draft Guide advises APP entities to “introduce a holistic approach of 'privacy by design' to em... Read More

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Asiana Airlines’ ‘extremely poor’ cybersecurity leads to data breach

(Jul 21, 2016) Korea’s second largest airline, Asiana Airlines, has been hit by a security breach compromising the sensitive information of thousands of passengers, The Korea Times reports. The affected data included citizen resident numbers, passport information, home addresses, bank account details, phone numbers and family relations records. The information was held on Asiana’s website and was accessed through a security loophole. The foreign computer engineer who discovered the loophole said "No hacking sk... Read More

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Queensland police begin rolling out body-worn cameras

(Jul 21, 2016) ZDNet reports the Queensland Police Service has started its statewide rollout of 2,200 Axon body-worn cameras. Police Minister Bill Byrne said the cameras will be available to specialty teams, including tactical crime units, rapid action and patrol groups, the Railway Squad, Dog Squad, and the Road Policing Command. Police Commissioner Ian Stewart believes the cameras will assist in gathering evidence, while saying the technology has helped save 10 minutes per officer per shift in the initial trials. "Through use of the evidence management system, officers were able to add metadata to their recordings in the field, reducing the amount of time officers had to spend manually managing their data at the end of a shift," said Stewart. Read More

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Pilgrim receives fifth extension as Australian information commissioner

(Jul 21, 2016) Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim has received his fifth three-month extension for his other position, acting information commissioner, ZDNet reports. Pilgrim is set to be reappointed next week, and since his current term expired July 19, Australia will technically be without an information commissioner until Pilgrim is confirmed back into office. "The attorney-general has reappointed Mr. Timothy Pilgrim PSM as the acting Australian information commissioner for three months from 25... Read More

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Your new go-to page for all things Brexit

(Jul 20, 2016) As the dust settles from the initial reactions to news that the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, questions remain about what this transition will mean for global businesses. Privacy pros in particular will have questions surrounding data transfer, the potential applicability of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and what kinds of preparations to make now to be ready for the formal exit. The IAPP Resource Center is here to help with its new Brexit page, collecting all the news, guidance, analysis and tools we can find to help you navigate the impending changes. Check back often, as this page will grow and change as new information becomes available. (IAPP member login required.) Read More

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DoC: Privacy Shield ‘demonstrates how nations can work together’

(Jul 20, 2016) In a new video and blog post, U.S. Department of Commerce’s Justin Antonipillai and Ted Dean, who each played a significant role in the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield negotiations, discuss the importance of the new deal. “It really demonstrates how nations can work together to bridge different legal regimes in areas like privacy and data transfers to achieve common goals and enable growth,” they write. They also point out that the deal is not an international agreement, treaty or law, but rather, “a vol... Read More

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Singapore introducing legislation to protect data gathered by companies

(Jul 20, 2016) Continuing its efforts to be one of the world’s leading technology hubs, Singapore plans on introducing new legislation to safeguard sensitive data used by tech companies by protecting them from hackers, Bloomberg reports. “The more digital technologies become embedded into the fabric of real life, you’ve got to take the necessary precautions,” said Vivian Balakrishnan, minister-in-charge of Singapore’s Smart Nation program. "A significant part of the legislation really is to just make sure prov... Read More

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Does Microsoft warrant case show the limits of privacy law?

(Jul 19, 2016) In a detailed analysis by The New York Times of the recent Microsoft v. U.S. case, Peter Henning looks into the history of the case and the limits that are now on the Stored Communications Act. Henning writes, “The limits of the Stored Communications Act are now on full display, and it will be up to Congress to solve the puzzle of how much protection should be afforded to personal communications while allowing investigators to gather evidence.” However, now that Congress is in recess until early... Read More

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Chinese group tones down Opera acquisition to evade privacy concerns

(Jul 19, 2016) A deal between Opera Software and a coalition of Chinese companies was scrapped amid growing privacy concerns from the group, Reuters reports. The Kunqi consortium’s concerns over the safety of their customers’ personal information put an end to the original deal. The group will proceed with a smaller agreement to purchase only a limited part of Opera’s business assets. The original deal was awaiting confirmation from U.S. regulators, but the Kunqi consortium backed away from the table after dis... Read More

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