(Aug 18, 2016) I am so pleased to be able to write the introduction to this action-packed digest while I tear myself away from watching the Rio Olympics. Living in a city like Melbourne where sport is a local obsession, it has always struck me where the line should be drawn about what we need to know about athletes. Humans are naturally a nosy species and the media and other content businesses make it their business to give us what we want. But where do you draw the line and what price do athletes pay? Sam Pf... Read More

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Privacy commissioner: Children’s safety comes before privacy laws

(Aug 18, 2016) New Zealand Privacy Commissioner John Edwards has officially agreed with the Minister of Social Development’s proposal to update privacy laws so that federal agencies can disclose information about children in danger with both greater ease and less fear about potential enforcement action, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner announced in a statement. “Agencies should not be concerned about breaking privacy laws when it comes to vulnerable children,” Edwards said. “They should already be sharin... Read More

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Privacy Commissioner Watts threatens to leave following merger

(Aug 18, 2016) Victoria’s Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection David Watts voiced his displeasure with the government’s handling of new freedom of information laws, The Age reports. Watts has been highly critical of the government’s decision to merge his office with the Office of the Freedom of Information Commissioner. Watts said he does not want to be a part of the new privacy regime and would rather quit than continue working. "I have made it abundantly clear that I will under no circumstances lend ... Read More

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Free GDPR compliance tool from Nymity

(Aug 18, 2016) Nymity has released its GDPR Compliance Toolkit, GlobeNewswire reports in a press release. The free tool “equips privacy officers with the resources necessary to understand, assess and develop a plan for complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation,” the report states. "We are pleased to share extensive research into [operationalizing] GDPR compliance in the form of pragmatic tools for free in order to help ensure organizations successfully plan and prepare for demonstrable compliance with the GDPR," said President and Founder of Nymity, Terry McQuay, CIPM, CIPP/C, CIPP/E, CIPP/G, CIPP/US. "These free tools work standalone or in combination with our suite of solutions developed to attain, maintain and demonstrate GDPR compliance." Read More

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EFF voices criticisms of Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates

(Aug 18, 2016) The Electronic Frontier Foundation voiced its criticisms over Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates, saying the reminders violate user privacy, Digital Trends reports. The EFF also says Microsoft collects an “unprecedented amount of usage data,” including location data, text input, browsing history, and running programs. Microsoft defended its practices, saying the data collected helps make Windows 10 a more customizable experience for the user. The EFF wants to see Microsoft clarify whether opting out... Read More

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The Olympic Panopticon

(Aug 17, 2016) Thanks to technological advances, we have more access to Olympic athletes than ever before. However, wonders IAPP Publications Director Sam Pfeifle in a piece for Privacy Perspectives, is it anyone’s job to wonder when we know too much? If we allow that constant observation is certain to change behavior, what are we doing to these athletes when the cameras never leave them? As we revel in amazing stories, both athletic and personal, perhaps we also need to make time to consider what we’re losing, and what the athletes are losing, in exchange. Read More

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Webinar: Choice, consent and cookies

(Aug 17, 2016) Keeping one’s data governance practices in line with privacy policy commitments is increasingly difficult given the rapid pace of communications technology evolution. Do privacy professionals know what cookies and other tracking technologies are currently operating on their websites and mobile platforms, and if they’re in compliance with existing and soon to be in-force local and international regulations? In the webinar “Choice & Consent: Who's governing the cookies and tags on your websites?,” listeners will learn how to govern their sites’ and mobile platforms’ use of various technologies for collecting and sharing data. Read More

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Study: SMBs lack security training

(Aug 17, 2016) The Shred-it 2016 Security Tracker survey found security training is lacking in a majority of companies, Infosecurity Magazine reports. The study found 78 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses only conduct security training once a year or less, with 51 percent of C-suite executives responding with similar results. Twenty-eight percent of organizations state they have never trained their employees on legal compliance requirements and 22 percent conduct training on an ad hoc basis. “With e... Read More

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Survey: 51 percent of IT execs believe public cloud more secure

(Aug 17, 2016) A SADA Systems survey of 210 tech executives found that 51 percent feel that the public cloud is more secure than their private one, while 58 percent believe the public cloud is the most cost-efficient and safe data-storage option, ZDNet reports. In total, 84 percent of the surveyed said their companies used public clouds. Yet just because cloud “comfort levels” continue to grow doesn’t mean information technology professionals should dial back their vigilance, the report states. “Security still... Read More

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Enterprise privacy tech solutions are on the rise

(Aug 16, 2016) With a major new privacy regulation on the horizon in Europe, and increased media and regulatory scrutiny of companies’ privacy practices around the world, the job of engendering consumer trust and maintaining privacy compliance is getting seemingly more difficult every day. Of course, employing privacy pros is the obvious first step in ensuring a robust internal privacy regime, but more and more, privacy pros are in need of tools to help them do their jobs. Fortunately, startups and venture capitalists are recognizing this need for better privacy and information management tools. In this post for Privacy Tech, Jedidiah Bracy, CIPP, looks at two startups looking to work further with privacy pros in an effort to provide technological solutions designed directly for the privacy pro. Read More

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