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(Feb 11, 2016) I am stoked (as we say here in Australia!) to be writing my first introduction to the APAC Dashboard Digest as the recently elected President of iappANZ. Over the coming months, our talented board members will be taking turns in writing this and sharing their insights into that week’s privacy news and events. Over lunch the other day with friends, we were commenting on how rare it is these days for visitors to just pop by on the off chance that you were home and why that is the case. Ultimately... Read More

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Pilgrim appealing Telstra case

(Feb 11, 2016) Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim is appealing the Australian Appeals Tribunal's decision through the Federal Court that a journalist was “not entitled” to access the data that Telstra, his phone provider collected, the Guardian reports. “The landmark challenge is believed to be the first time the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has sought to appeal a case before the federal court,” the report states, a move the journalist in question, Ben Grubb, calls “great.” Not everyone agrees. “The data is all about the way in which Telstra delivers the call or the message. That is not about Mr. Grubb,” said the Administrative Appeals Tribunal’s Stephanie Forgie. Read More

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Video: Cybersecurity from China’s perspective

(Feb 11, 2016) Passcode tackled Chinese attitudes on privacy and cybersecurity at a Feb. 4 event at the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston. "Mike Farrell, founding editor of Passcode, is going to lead us and our expert panel through the looking glass tonight to see what all this looks like from the other side," said editor of The Christian Science Monitor, Marshall Ingwerson. "That is, to better understand China's view of why China so relentlessly hacks the rest of the world." Panelists include the Council on Foreign Relations' Adam Segal, Tibet Action Institute's Lobsang Gyatso Sither, Human Rights in China's Sharon Hom, and Harvard's Belfer Center's Michael Sulmeyer. Read More

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Bureau of Meteorology mum on status of alleged data breach

(Feb 11, 2016) After an alleged data breach in December, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology was called to a Monday hearing by the Senate Environment and Communications Committee where agency representatives would not confirm or deny details of the purported breach, ZDNet reports. When questioned, agency CEO Rob Vertessy “redirected his response to the new supercomputer the department was receiving,” the report states. "I'm not going to comment on media stories and speculations — there's quite a number of them and there's some wild stuff in there as well — I can't go through all of those storylines and tell you if they're accurate or not," Vertessy said. Read More

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Nurse allegedly assaulted after Ahpra staffer accesses her data

(Feb 11, 2016) Australian health practitioner Ahpra notified the Office of the National Health Practitioner Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner after an employee used company databases to find the home address of a nurse whom the culprit then allegedly assaulted, the Guardian reports. The privacy commissioner was “engaged in ongoing dialogue with Ahpra,” regarding the incident, a spokesman said. Ahpra, no stranger to breaches of this kind, refrained from making its own comments “for privacy reasons,” its statem... Read More

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Privacy Bar Section of the IAPP unveiled

(Feb 11, 2016) The IAPP formally announced on Wednesday the Privacy Bar Section of the IAPP, a group geared toward administering to the distinct needs of those in the privacy-oriented legal profession, The Privacy Advisor reports. Of the IAPP’s more than 25,000 members, “we know more than 40 percent are lawyers,” said IAPP President and CEO J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP, “and these lawyers need services.” The bar aims to be a place for privacy-focused legal professionals and academics to come together to both discuss... Read More

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Google to honor RTBF requests worldwide, for European users

(Feb 11, 2016) Reuters reports on changes Google plans to make in how it honors “right to be forgotten” requests for European users. The new move will honor delinking in all of Google’s versions — i.e., or Google Germany — for users in the country of origin for the takedown request. So, a user in France who goes to will not see approved takedown requests via France on all Google sites, though a user outside of France would see the link. Google will filter the search results via IP addresses. A spokesman from the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office said the move appears to be in line with concerns it expressed “on the scope of the requirement to de-list.” A spokeswoman from the French data protection authority said, “These elements are currently the object of an inquiry by the services of the CNIL.” Read More

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Google nudging email users to bolster their privacy, security

(Feb 11, 2016) Google’s email service, Gmail, will introduce two new design features aimed at driving users to improve their email privacy and security, TechCrunch reports. The new features include the ability for users to see whether their email was or will be encrypted and whether other users have been authenticated. The new authentication features will be user-friendly and will include a lock in the upper right-hand corner that shows the user when a communication is encrypted or not — similar to the l... Read More

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Video: ‘The Power of Privacy’

(Feb 10, 2016) Join psychologist and journalist Aleks Krotoski as she “travels the world to undergo challenges that will explore our digital life in the 21st century" for a documentary produced for the Guardian. "Our relationship to the Internet has reached an unprecedented level of connectedness," Krotoski said. "In this new environment, the state of privacy deserves a closer look." Read More

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VTech’s terms of service say it’s not liable for hacks; Government says it can spy on IoT devices

(Feb 10, 2016) Internet-connected toymaker VTech recently reopened its app store two months after a massive hack disclosed the personal data of 6 million children. Motherboard reports, however, that the company’s new terms of service include specific language removing it from liability in any future hacks or data breaches. The clause may not carry any weight in Europe, though. Privacy lawyer Ot Van Daalen said, “Under EU law you have an obligation to secure data and you cannot waive this by putting something l... Read More

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