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(Jan 20, 2017) In this episode of The Privacy Advisor Podcast, Meg Leta Jones, a professor and researcher at Georgetown University, discusses her new book, "Cntrl + Z: The Right To Be Forgotten," and why she wrote it. She'll also talk about whether the U.S. should follow the EU’s lead in implementing the right to be forgotten, and whether that’s even possible, as well as her latest research on automation, which includes, among other questions, whether we should replace umpires with robots in baseball. Sure it would take away some human error, but would it also take away some of the fun?  Read More

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Privacy concerns surround Indian biometric payment system

(Jan 20, 2017) A biometric payment system implemented in India faces several privacy concerns, Bloomberg Quint reports. The Aadhaar-based payment system allows users to make payments by just tapping their finger, as long as they have a smartphone, an internet connection, and a biometric authentication device with the merchant. Privacy concerns have emerged as the idea has developed. A former high-ranking Unique Identification Authority of India official said the possibility of transaction failures due to biome... Read More

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Meitu app collects considerable amount of data

(Jan 20, 2017) Popular "anime makeover" app Meitu collects a swath of user data, Wired reports. While its not uncommon for apps to collect data, Meitu additionally "has access to users’ GPS location, cell carrier information, Wi-Fi connection data, SIM card information, jailbreak status, and personal identifiers," the report states. China-based Meitu is "collecting some very odd data that shouldn’t be looked at necessarily for the application functioning," said Vectra Networks' Greg Linares. Concerned Android users should "check the list of requested permissions before downloading an app, and can use the operating system’s granular permissions options to control what each app can actually access," the report adds. Read More

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Snooper's Charter could set global precedent, critics maintain

(Jan 20, 2017) Critics have argued that the U.K.'s Investigatory Powers Act could inspire similar invasive surveillance measures in other countries, MIT Technology Review reports. "Britain’s broad new authority would set a dramatic precedent, says Danny O’Brien, international director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation," the report states. "Companies would be forced to conduct surveillance or break the privacy protections of devices and services, and they would be compelled to keep those steps secret." He ... Read More

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Datasift, LinkedIn ink data-sharing deal

(Jan 20, 2017) LinkedIn has partnered with social data aggregator DataSift, a company that gathers information on what users discuss or click on and sends the anonymized data to advertisers, Recode reports. LinkedIn isn't charging DataSift for the data, the report states. The move won't hurt user privacy, LinkedIn leadership said. "LinkedIn Engagement Insights was designed to respect the privacy of our members," said LinkedIn's Russell Glass. "DataSift’s PYLON reporting API lets marketers build customized reports that feature aggregated audience, content and company data in a way that prevents LinkedIn private member data from being collected or viewed." Read More

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Notes from the IAPP Asia Managing Director, 20 January 2017

(Jan 19, 2017) A belated Happy New Year from Singapore! It’s been an interesting start to the new year. As speculation increases regarding U.S. trade deals with Asia, we are seeing more countries interested in signing up to the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules System. The CBPR’s creator likened its usefulness to a fax machine (for those of you old enough to know what a fax machine is!). Alone, a fax machine is of no use and even two are of limited use. But a network of fax machines starts to become increasingly... Read More

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Police revise Information Request Form after privacy complaint

(Jan 19, 2017) After public watchdog New Zealand Police Conduct Association filed a complaint over the Independent Police Conduct Authority's use of the Information Request Form, police are drafting an updated form to better protect employees' privacy, Stuff reports. "It will now be made clear to employers and companies that they may not be legally obliged to hand over information about their staff or customers when police request it," the report states. "The forms are misleading, and give the appearance of some sort of official document that you would have to respond to," said NZPCA President Shannon Parker. "They are not. They carry no more weight than me asking for the same information." The updated form "will likely" go into use later this month, the report adds.  Read More

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Review of Queensland privacy law requires input

(Jan 19, 2017) The Queensland government is requesting submissions for its privacy and right to information laws, Lexology reports. "The review aims to determine whether the primary purposes of the Information Privacy Act 2009 and the Right to Information Act 2009 remain valid and whether the Acts achieve those purposes," the report states. "The review also aims to capitalise on developments around the world with respect to privacy protection and information management." The review addresses questions like, "should the IP Act align with the Commonwealth Privacy Act?" and "should sharing information within government be a ‘use’ instead of a ‘disclosure’?" The government will accept submissions through 3 Feb. Read More

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Could bitcoin be the next big security trend in Singapore?

(Jan 19, 2017) Singapore-based IBM Blockchain and Bluemix Garage have released its inaugural blockchain-based authentication tool as blockchain grows in security pre-eminence, ZDNet reports. "Because it provides a shared replicated 'immutable' ledger, blockchain can facilitate a 'single source of truth' and a secure, tamper-proof system of record," said IBM Blockchain and Bluemix Garage's Alan Lim in the report. "Industrial blockchains also offer verifiable identification and transactional privacy," he added. ... Read More

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Pilgrim cautions Senate committee against drone deregulation

(Jan 19, 2017) Australian Privacy and Information Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim has warned against deregulating commercial drone use in a submission "to the Senate committee investigating the safety implic­ations of the new rules that allow commercial operators to fly without a license, drones weighing less than 2 kg," The Australian reports. While drones have economic impact, they also have privacy concerns as well, Pilgrim said. “Privacy risks presented by drone use range from inadvertent privacy breaches thr... Read More

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