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Podcast: A journalist's view from the EU

Jennifer Baker makes a career out of knowing the nuances of data protection and data privacy. But she's not advising clients or writing privacy policies. Rather, as a freelance journalist, she is reporting on the developments that often guide the decision-making of those who do. Baker has spent year...
Notes from the iappANZ, 16 March 2018
Anna Gamvros, CIPP/A, CIPT, FIP
Hello from Hong Kong! Cybersecurity remains the most discussed topic in the region. In a recent survey by Black Hat Asia, Asian cybersecurity professionals said they expect a major, successful cyberattack affecting multiple Asian countries to occur within the next two years. Lack of resources to tr...
Tribunal rules against Transport for NSW
After Nigel Waters embarked on a legal battle against Transport for NSW for what he claimed was a breach of Australia’s privacy law, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal recently agreed and ruled in favor of Waters, iTnews reports. The Opal card is a contactless smart card used to access public...
Chinese police test AI-powered glasses
Police outside of Beijing are testing LLVision’s artificial intelligence–powered glasses, designed to detect and cross-reference facial features and car registration plates to a database of suspects, Reuters reports. Wu Fei, chief executive of LLVision, said that people should not be concerned about...
Communicating with your DPA
If you are subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, you're going to find yourself communicating with data protection authorities. You might have a lead DPA. You might have several DPAs with which you'll need to keep in regular contact. Who is doing that communicating? When? What format ...
Sample job description: Privacy engineer
You may have heard, the IAPP is launching a new Privacy Engineering Section in recognition of the growth of the IT and privacy engineering fields within our member community. These professionals fill the gap between privacy laws and policies and the implementation of information technology, but what...