(Feb 4, 2016) The Senate supported Greens Senator Scott Ludlam’s move to get a governmental explanation for the holdup on the Privacy Amendment (Privacy Alerts) Bill from 2014, Computerworld reports. “After stuffing around for more than two years we got an exposure draft late last year,” Ludlam said. “Why is this not already law? Why does the government not simply get on with it?” The December 2015 exposure bill is under public consultation until 4 March, the report states. Read More

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Self-Defense Forces’ surveillance practices permitted to continue, High Court rules

(Feb 4, 2016) The Sendai High Court today echoed a lower court ruling that would have suspended Japan’s Self-Defense Forces’ surveillance activities, The Malaysian Insider reports. Plaintiffs argued that the agency had trounced “personal rights by collecting private information such as names, job details, political persuasions and connections, and other information, during the intelligence unit's monitoring activities between 2002 and 2004,” the report states. Out of the 94 plaintiffs in this particular case, the judge only awarded one any damages. “I hope to review the content of the verdict thoroughly and respond accordingly," said Defense Minister Gen Nakatani, whose agency is tasked with reviewing the ruling. Read More

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Revised edition of Biometric Privacy Guidelines now available

(Feb 4, 2016) The Biometrics Institute has completed revisions on its Biometrics Privacy Guidelines, Biometric Update reports. The guide is a document comprising 16 principles that assist users “across many different countries and jurisdictions,” considering that “biometrics and information technologies do connect beyond national boundaries and across different fields as diverse as health records, border controls, retail, consumer based applications in the telecommunications industry, finance and banking and ... Read More

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How sturdy is the Privacy Shield?

(Feb 3, 2016) The EU Commission and the U.S. have agreed on a new framework for trans-Atlantic data flows, lighting up Twitter and prompting every law firm that’s ever looked at a data protection case to send out a client alert. Opponents of Safe Harbor say the agreement, vague as the details remain, doesn’t do enough to address the concerns that took down Safe Harbor in the first place, while others say the deal is promising in its provisions on increased enforcement and judicial redress for EU citizens. In this exclusive for The Privacy Advisor, politicians, industry and privacy pros react. “This is not the improvement which would be needed to bring this framework in line with EU law,” said Green MEP Jan Phillip Albrecht. Read More

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WP29 responds to Privacy Shield; BCRs okay, for now

(Feb 3, 2016) Though the future of trans-Atlantic data transfers continues to hang in the balance, one more clue was put in place Wednesday afternoon in Brussels with official word from the EU’s collection of data protection authorities on their assessment of the newly proposed EU-U.S. Privacy Shield arrangement. The head of the Article 29 Working Party (WP29), Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin said during a news conference that the group “welcomed” the agreement but expressed the need for documentation to assess its legality. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Commerce released a Fact Sheet Wednesday on the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. Jedidiah Bracy, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, reports on these latest developments, in this exclusive for The Privacy Advisor. Read More

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Op-ed: Dear DPAs, think before you act on transfer mechanisms

(Feb 2, 2016) With a new Privacy Shield in place, the next step is for the Article 29 and Article 31 working parties to review the agreement between the U.S. and the EU. In an op-ed for Newsweek, Morrison and Foerster’s Miriam Wugmeister and Cynthia Rich, the latter a member of the U.S. team that negotiated the 2000 Safe Harbor agreement, express concern that European data protection authorities will extend the logic of the Schrems decision to binding corporate rules and standard contractual clauses, invalidating all forms of trans-border data flow. “Using the ECJ decision to invalidate these alternative ways is misplaced,” they write. “European lawmakers recognize that personal information must be transferred to more than a handful of countries deemed adequate.” Read More

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Service creates ad-blocker workaround

(Feb 2, 2016) Softpedia reports on a new service aimed at "helping online publishers counteract users that employ ad-blocking browser extensions when accessing their sites.” BlockBypass was developed by BlockIQ and responds to the proliferation and usage of ad-blocking extensions, which, according to one study, went up 41 percent in 2015 compared to the year prior. The trend led to a loss of $21.8 billion in ad revenue. The BlockBypass technology “would allow publishers to hide the location of the ad server from where the ad is being downloaded,” and will sit between the user and the ad server. Read More

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Cyber risk now in repertoire of Hogan Lovells’ risk management team

(Feb 2, 2016) Hogan Lovells is growing its technical and risk management services to better address cyber risk, the organization announced in a statement. “The cyber threat landscape is evolving daily. To stay in front of it, you need comprehensive, timely advice and solutions to your organization’s unique challenges,” the report states. “The technical knowledge and training of our consultants and lawyers allows us to work directly with a client’s IT security team, as well as in-house counsel, with no lost time for ‘translation’ of specialized terminology or concepts.” The team promotes its ability to assist with “program development, incident and crisis response, compliance, training and awareness,” the report adds. Read More

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Global Privacy Day rung in by privacy pros across the globe

(Feb 1, 2016) Privacy pros in places like Bogota, Colombia; Melbourne, Australia; Charlotte, U.S.; and Ottawa, Canada met up at their respective Privacy After Hours to celebrate last week’s Data Protection Day, The Privacy Advisor reports. “What could be better than networking and brainstorming with some of the top local privacy professionals in central Florida on National Privacy Day?” said Brightline’s Avani Desai, CIPP/US, representing the Orlando, Florida group. The discussions were advantageous as “privacy and security concerns are truly at the forefront of each of their companies every day,” she added. Read More

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Roundup: Germany, Latin America, Switzerland, US and more

(Feb 1, 2016) In this week’s Privacy Tracker weekly roundup, read about Germany’s new law allowing consumer associations to sue companies over perceived data protection violations plus a German Federal Constitutional Court decision to reject a submission that would have delayed obligations for storage of electronic traffic data. In Switzerland, a bill that would establish government authority to effect warrantless online surveillance of civilians will be forced to go to a referendum vote, and in Poland thousands protested an attempt to expand the government's ability to use surveillance and access digital data. Also, read about Latin American efforts towards robust privacy frameworks in Costa Rica and other countries, and a new board in the U.S. will be conducting federal background checks beginning soon. (IAPP member login required.) Read More

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