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Notes from the iappANZ, 22 June 2018

Sam Pfeifle
Greetings from Portsmouth, New Hampshire! It's annual IAPP Board Meeting time here at the IAPP home offices, and that always leads to lots of deep thinking about the future and the needs of privacy professionals as they will develop over the next 5, 10, even 20 years. We're lucky to have a board fi...
On designing for 'effortless' privacy
Designing for privacy has long been discussed and, in many cases, implemented. "Some mainstream manufacturers are integrating privacy solutions into their physical product designs," writes Allon Bar, an independent consultant specializing in ethical and user-centric technology. "Innovation in design...
Survey shows Japanese firms slow to comply with GDPR
Results of a recent Reuters Corporate Survey found that Japanese firms continue to struggle with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, with only about 25 percent of businesses reporting they have made progress on meeting some of the less onerous requirements of the GDPR, Reuters reports. Wh...
Web con: 'Don't Get Tangled Up In RoPAs'
With the EU General Data Protection Regulation now in place, organizations need to focus on maintaining and being transparent about their records of processing activities. Enterprises may need to leverage new technologies, and move away from more manual methods when documenting data processing flows...