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(Oct 20, 2016) Privacy has burst into the news at the spring Parliament sittings. First came the news of the unfortunate and monumental breach by Medicare  — embarrassing for a government which is currently supporting opt-out trials for the My Health Record, for all Australians. This was followed immediately by the attorney general’s announcement that re-identification of health data would be criminalized — no accident there! You may be forgiven for questioning who is to blame here. Breaches happen, but when... Read More

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Justice minister debuts Privacy Amendment Bill in Australian House of Representatives

(Oct 20, 2016) Australian Minister for Justice Michael Keenan has introduced the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 in response to the Parliament's inquiry into data retention, Computerworld reports. The bill mandates that organizations under the Privacy Act must report breaches akin to those outlined in the act to both the Australian Information Commissioner and those affected, the report states. "If an individual is at likely risk of serious harm because of a data breach involving their p... Read More

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Japanese, US agencies affirm APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules

(Oct 20, 2016) The U.S. Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Analysis Ted Dean and Secretary General Mari Sonoda of the Personal Information Protection Commission of Japan met Oct. 19 to continue to affirm both group's dedication to "implement and expand" the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules, the International Trade Administration reports. The rules aim to protect privacy and foster increased trans-border data flow confidence, the report states. "The CBPR system offers a tremendous opportunity across APEC to protect consumer privacy while facilitating data flows that are critical to trade and economic growth,” said Dean. “We look forward to continuing to work with the Government of Japan to implement and expand the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules system.” Read More

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Web con: Preparing for the GDPR: Attaining and Demonstrating Compliance

(Oct 20, 2016) How will companies comply with the GDPR? What approach should they take? What resources will they need and where will they come from? On Nov. 3, join web conference "Preparing for the GDPR: Attaining and Demonstrating Compliance" for a virtual discussion to hear an accountability approach for attaining and maintaining GDPR compliance through the “appropriate technical and organizational measures” required by Article 24. Help your organization get a running start by understanding what accountabil... Read More

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Study: Millennials 'extremely reluctant' to share data

(Oct 20, 2016) A Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions study has found millennials are "extremely reluctant" to share personal information even though they use connected devices in large numbers, Multichannel Merchant reports. The study found that more than a quarter of millennials across the globe had no trust that retailers or mobile wallet programs will treat their data "correctly or securely," the report adds. "The general discomfort millennials are expressing with information sharing, beyond a couple of the most bas... Read More

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APAC's large population, regulatory gaps make it hacker heaven

(Oct 20, 2016) Analysts say the huge pool of potential victims, relative lack of regulation and cyber awareness, and the prevalence of outdated technology make Asian countries prime targets for hackers, CNBC reports. These qualities made data so easy to obtain that a FireEye study found that 28 percent of Asian-Pacific organizations experienced a cyberattack in the second half of 2015, "nearly double the global average of 15 percent," the report states. However, an idea that the region was immune to hacker-bas... Read More

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Security breach compromises 3.25M Indian debit cards

(Oct 20, 2016) The debit card information of 3.25 million users in India may have been compromised in one of the largest cyberattacks in the country’s history, Reuters reports. Card network providers Visa, MasterCard and India’s home-grown RuPay are replacing cards and asking customers to change their security codes. Chief Executive of National Payments Corp of India A.P. Hota said cards were possibly compromised through as many as 90 ATMs across the country. "Adequate precautions have been taken, information ... Read More

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Lawyers examine best ways to discuss privacy with corporate board

(Oct 20, 2016) A panel of lawyers discussed the best ways to explain privacy and cybersecurity to a corporate board during the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Association of Corporate Counsel, Above the Law reports. The five panelists offered recommendations for conveying the importance of privacy when talking to the board of directors. Topics covered the impossible tasks of trying to eliminate all cybersecurity threats and determining whether an organization wants to be a leader in the cybersecurity space. The panelists offered several recommendations on the topic, including dedicating board minutes to cybersecurity and privacy issues, involving every member of the board, discussing recent data breaches in the news, and not designating a “cyber expert” board member as this risks making other members complacent. Read More

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Journal issue focuses on privacy and ethics in educational data analytics

(Oct 20, 2016) An issue of the Springer journal, “Education Technology Research and Development,” covered the relationship between ethics and privacy in learning analytics, reports. Professors Dr. Dirk Ifenthaler and Dr. Monica Tracey guest edited the issue, explaining why the growth of educational big data doesn’t necessarily result in better learning environments. Education institutions can use student data such as “socio-demographic information, grades on higher education entrance qualifications, o... Read More

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With big data, you snooze, you lose, analysts say to slow-moving Asian companies

(Oct 19, 2016) Asian companies are increasingly behind the times as big data grows in importance, the South China Morning Post reports. While the U.N. Global Pulse initiative indicates that big data use doubles every 20 months, countries like China, where data doesn't flow as freely, face difficulties, the report states. China isn't the only area facing this problem. “Hong Kong is behind the west and other countries, but ... companies are finally becoming aware that big data is something they need to get into ... Read More

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