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The program was launched in early 2013 with financial assistance from the IAPP and generous donations from individuals and organizations. Continued success of the program is dependent upon support from the privacy community and others concerned about consumer privacy. Your contributions to the IAPP Westin Fellowship Program will help to ensure that privacy research, focused on actionable information for the profession, continues to be produced by the IAPP.



Out of print for more than 40 years, Dr. Alan Westin’s foundational text, Privacy and Freedom, has been reprinted by the IAPP.

Still considered one of the leading works in the field, Privacy and Freedom has influenced both privacy thinking and practical activity worldwide since its publication in 1967.

Using Westin’s last-known writings in the foreword, this text also includes new forewords from:

  • J. Trevor Hughes
  • Fred. H Cate
  • Harriet P. Pearson
  • Daniel J. Solove
  • Peter Swire
  • Oscar M. Ruebhausen

Get your copy with a $100 donation to the Westin Research Center.


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