Q: What is the itinerary for the training (location, times, etc.)?

A: Please refer to the schedule for location details.

Q: When do I take the exam? Is the exam being proctored at the end of the training?

A: You may sit for your exam at one of our 900+ computer based testing centres worldwide. Exams may be sat at any time available within the testing centre, but must be scheduled within the first 6 months of purchase or they will expire. There will not be any proctored exams at the GDPR-Ready trainings.

Q: Can the online bundle be used at any time, or is it for a particular date? Does the online training expire?

A: The online training is self-paced and can be viewed at any time. It does not expire.

Q: Can I revisit each of the modules of each course as many times as I like online?

A: Yes, your online training course never expires. We recommend reviewing the content within each module more than once to increase retention. 

Q: Do I have to watch the online training all at once? Does it always start from the beginning?

A: No, you can exit and return to it at any time and pick up where you left off.

Q: Is IAPP Membership part of the bundle package?

A: Yes, the GDPR bundles all include complimentary IAPP Membership for one year.

Q: Is there a time limit for taking the exam after registration/taking the online course?

A: If you are purchasing a bundle which includes your certification exam(s), you have 6 months from purchase to schedule your exam-not to take it, just to schedule! You can schedule your exam for as far out as you would like.

Q: For the option which includes 2 certification exams (CIPP/E and CIPM), do they have any expiration time? How should they be passed: both at once or one after the other?

A: You have 6 months to schedule your exams - not to take them, just to schedule! At your convenience subject to facility availability. There are no prerequisites for the exams, you may take them in any order.

Q: Can you recommend any additional training material, such as textbooks for CIPP/E & CIPM.

A: The training includes the official textbook for the CIPM program, Privacy Program Management: Tools for Managing Privacy Within Your Organization and the official textbook for the CIPP/E program, European Data Protection: Law and Practice.

Please refer to this page for the CIPP/E and CIPM Body of Knowledge and Exam Blueprint to see the areas you may need to focus on more than others based on your existing knowledge of the subject matter. The Body of Knowledge is a comprehensive outline of all the subject matter covered on the exam. The Exam Blueprint gives you an idea of how many questions from each topic area you can expect.

Q: When can I expect to receive the textbook and materials?

A: If you have registered for in-person training, you will receive both textbooks on site. Sample Questions and links to your CBT exams will be made available approximately 48 hours after registration in your MyIAPP portal under the “My Purchases” menu.

If you have registered for online training, the textbook will be mailed via FedEx International after registration is completed. Please be sure to include a complete address when registering, including business name if applicable, for shipping purposes. Sample Questions and links to your CBT exams will be made available approximately 48 hours after registration in your MyIAPP portal under the “My Purchases” menu.

Q: Is there mobile app for iPhone and iPad which I can use to access the course materials? Can I download the online training and watch it on my mobile device?

A: Although some of the features of the online courses will work on a tablet, they are not yet fully compatible with all mobile devices. You can view our trainings online, however you cannot download them.

Q: Is there VAT added to the prices listed?

A: No, these products are exempt from VAT tax.

Q: I would like to purchase a GDPR ready training via Wire Transfer, could you please assist me?

A: Yes, we can! To request an invoice and wire transfer details, please email your request and “Bill To” information to our Membership Team at

Q: Does this program include both in-person and online training or do we have to choose?

A: The GDPR Ready 4-Day Bundle Plus includes both in-person and online training. The other bundle packages include in-person OR online, not both.

Q: Is there any difference between the in-person and the online training?

A: The content for both the online training and the in-person training is the same, the difference is in the delivery. Please refer to the course outlines for European Data Protection and Privacy Program Management for specific course content.

Q: Does the amount cover the exams for the certifications (CIPP/E & CIPM)?

A: Yes, all our GDPR bundle packages include the exam fees.

Q: Is there a time limit for the exams?

A: You are allotted 2.5 hours at a computer based testing centre per each exam. You can find more information about the exam structure and process in the IAPP Certification Candidate Information Handbook.

Q: What are the DPO Toolkit and Resources?

A: The DPO toolkit contains a number of resources instrumental in performing what will be a vital role at many organizations inside and outside of the European Union, come May 2018, when the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force. 

The DPO Toolkit and resources are free for IAPP members and is regularly updated with content such as  sample job descriptions to research on how much training is required of a DPO to get a baseline of GDPR knowledge.

Q: If we pay for the training and cannot attend the in-person class we have chosen could this amount cover a different training?

A: Provided that we are informed prior to the start of the training we will provide a full credit that can be used for any future IAPP event.