Government surveillance lab created tech that guesses names by analyzing faces

(Apr 9, 2021) U.S. government surveillance lab Mitre Corp. created and patented technology that can guess a person’s name by analyzing their facial characteristics, Forbes... Read More

BuzzFeed News investigation reveals law enforcement use of Clearview AI

(Apr 8, 2021) An investigation by BuzzFeed News found more than 7,000 individuals from 1,803 law enforcement agencies across the U.S. have run Clearview AI facial recognit... Read More

A rundown of surveillance updates

(Apr 6, 2021) A coalition of 51 organizations is urging the European Commission to put a halt to the use of facial recognition for ma... Read More

PCLOB publishes report on Executive Order 12333

(Apr 5, 2021) The U.S. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board published a report detailing its six-year examination of Executive Order 12333. The report is broken dow... Read More

Joint investigation raises questions over Palantir’s European activities

(Apr 5, 2021) A months-long investigation by the Guardian, Lighthouse Reports and Der Spiegel explores Palantir’s European activities, the Guardian reports. Among its find... Read More

Documents detail FBI surveillance use following Capitol riot

(Apr 2, 2021) The Washington Post reports documents detailing the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol show the Federal Bureau of Investigation used automatic license plate rea... Read More

UK considers requiring Facebook to allow police access to messages

(Apr 2, 2021) The U.K. government is considering requiring Facebook to develop a system that would allow security agencies and police to read messages sent across its serv... Read More

Notes from the Asia-Pacific region, 2 April 2021

(Apr 1, 2021) Dear, privacy pros. If you are going as stir-crazy as I am being grounded in your home country, recent news about the impending reopening of borders ... Read More

Digital surveillance system credited for drop in malaria cases

(Apr 1, 2021) Five years after a digitized smart surveillance system was implemented in Mangaluru, India, new cases of malaria have dropped by 83%, Medical Xpress reports.... Read More

Researchers: China using surveillance firms to create facial recognition standards

(Mar 30, 2021) Surveillance research group IPVM found China is using surveillance firms to create standards for mass facial recognition systems, Reuters reports. The standa... Read More