Researchers call phone scanning 'dangerous technology'

(Oct 15, 2021) A group of researchers called plans by Apple and the European Union to detect illicit material on devices "dangerous technology," The New York Times reports.... Read More

Scholarly competition explores issues including data protection, government surveillance

(Oct 14, 2021) Registration is open for the 2022 Helsinki Information Law Moot, a competition aimed to help students dig deeper into the world of information law. Individua... Read More

NZ airport defies privacy commissioner with facial recognition test

(Oct 7, 2021) Stuff reports Wellington International Airport in New Zealand went ahead with a facial recognition trial despite prior disapproval and warning by the Office ... Read More

Case involving 'keyword warrants' raises privacy concerns

(Oct 7, 2021) An accidentally unsealed document in a Wisconsin case shows Google is complying with government "keyword warrant" requests ordering the company to identify a... Read More

MEPs: Limit law enforcement's AI use, ban facial recognition

(Oct 6, 2021) Members of European Parliament voted 377-248 in favor of adopting a resolution that calls for proper safeguards around law enforcement's use of artificial in... Read More

Op-ed: IRS surveillance of bank accounts would threaten taxpayer privacy

(Oct 5, 2021) The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board says a proposal to require banks to report annual cash flows for all account holders is "a privacy breach waiting to ... Read More

Clearview AI says 'deblur,' 'mask removal' tools aid police surveillance

(Oct 5, 2021) Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That said the company has now collected more than 10 billion photos from across the web and is developing new ways to aid police su... Read More

Venice uses cellphone data, surveillance cameras to track tourists

(Oct 5, 2021) City officials in Venice are collecting tourists' cellphone data and using surveillance cameras to monitor visitors, The New York Times reports. Software can... Read More

'Stalkerware' apps can monitor phone calls, texts, location and more

(Sep 30, 2021) The New York Times reports "stalkerware" applications available in the Android store can track keystrokes and access a phone's location, photos, text message... Read More

Garante to investigate apps accessing phone mics for ad purposes

(Sep 30, 2021) Italy's data protection authority, the Garante, launched an investigation into applications accessing users' microphones to collect and sell data without exp... Read More