Efforts to curb COVID-19 spread costs personal privacy

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Japanese police using facial recognition for investigations

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A teachable moment for privacy in the virtual classroom

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COVID-19, privacy, and school recordings

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IAPP book: An updated guide to US government data sharing

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Chinese database leaks foreign surveillance data on 2.4M

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Irish DPC tells Facebook to stop transferring data to the US: Should panic ensue?

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Irish DPC tells Facebook to stop data transfers to the US

(Sep 10, 2020) Ireland's Data Protection Commissioner issued a preliminary order that Facebook must stop transferring user data to the U.S. following the Court of Justice o... Read More

PNP: Privacy rights not compromised with social media quarantine monitoring

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New rules allow Nepal government offices to install CCTV cameras in public places

(Sep 10, 2020) The Himalayan Times reports new rules issued by the government of Nepal allow government offices to install closed-circuit TV cameras in public places and ve... Read More